Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Bee Hive Ladymead, Walcot Street

1851 – 56. Edward Lacey
1861. Sarah Hanks
1864. John Hulbert
1871 – 81. Worthy Baker
1884. Enos England
1889. William Sharples
1890 – 97. John Woodham
1900 – 02. Mary Ann Fishlock
1906. John Woodham
1911 – 12. Mary Ann Fishlock
1914. William Bryant
1916 – 23. William Phillips
1931 – 35. Ernest Keen
1937 – 47. Arthur Mumford
1950. William Tucker
1952. F. S. Collett

Census 1851.

Edward Lacey 46, head married, publican, Somerset Bath
Jane Lacey 49, wife married, Wiltshire Farleigh
Thomas Dorey 19, son unmarried butcher, Somerset Bath
Mary Dorey 15, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath
Sarah Dorey 12, Daughter scholar, Somerset Bath
Louisa Lacey 8 months, daughter, Somerset Bath
Luke Shewring 42, servant married, ostler, Wiltshire Lacock
John Mead 26, lodger unmarried, mail coach driver, Wiltshire Bradford
George Hillier 32, lodger unmarried, porter, Wiltshire Seend

Census 1861.

Sarah Hanks 22, head widow, victualler, Somerset Bath
Jane Hanks 1, daughter, Somerset Bath
Caroline L. Lacey 12, sister in law scholar, Somerset Bath
Jane Lacey 52, mother married, annuitant, Wiltshire Farleigh Wick
Eliza Branch 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Farmbrough
John Bundy 18, servant unmarried, ostler, Wiltshire Tillit
Edward Lacey 54, lodger married, chairman, Somerset Bath

Census 1871.

Worthy Baker 56, head married, inn keeper, Wiltshire Colerne
Harriett Baker 45, wife married, Somerset Chew Magna
William Baker 21, son unmarried, carrier, Somerset Larkhall
Mary Ann Baker 19, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Larkhall
Harriet Ellen Hales 24, daughter, assistant, Somerset Larkhall
Kate Ellen Hales 3, granddaughter scholar, Somerset Bath
Mary Ann Harding 18, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire Marshfield
George Edge 23, lodger unmarried, carpenter, Flintshire Welshpool
Benjamin Weston 23, lodger unmarried, quarryman, Berkshire Hinton
George Aust 20, lodger unmarried, quarryman, Somerset Corsham
William Barlow 44, lodger married, joiner, Yorkshire
Charles Hayward 59, lodger unmarried, porter, Somerset Bath
William Edwards 61, lodger widower, bookbinder, Bristol
William Ashplant 35, lodger unmarried, cabman, Somerset Bath

Census 1881.

Worthy Baker 70, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Colerne
Harriet Baker 56, wife married, Somerset Chew Magna
Francis Baker 33, son unmarried, publican’s son, Somerset Bath
Maude Beatrice Hales 8, granddaughter scholar, Bristol
Charlotte Beet 24, niece unmarried, inn assistant, Gloucestershire Colerne
D …. Barter 24, lodger unmarried, carpenter’s labourer, Bristol
Richard Moore 30, lodger unmarried, mason’s labourer, Middlesex London
Henry Blackmore 58, lodger married, butcher, Somerset Bath
William Philpott 74, lodger widower, mason, Wiltshire Devizes
Thomas Wilson 42, lodger unmarried, ticket writer, Hampshire Southampton
Samuel Hodges 42, lodger unmarried, mason’s labourer, Somerset Batheaston
James Hopkins 30, lodger unmarried, basket maker, Somerset Bath
Edward Smith 26, lodger unmarried, mason, Wiltshire Box

Census 1891.

John Woodham 37, head married, publican, Wiltshire Colerne
Mary Woodham 29, wife married, Wiltshire Colerne
Dora Woodham 11 months, daughter, Somerset Bath
John Abrahams 24, lodger single, labourer, Somerset Bath
Frederick Wilcox 62, lodger single, labourer, Somerset Bath
William Baker 40, lodger married, cart haulier, Somerset Bath
Therza Button 30, servant single, general servant, Somerset Red Post
Florence Lovell 14, servant, nurse, Wiltshire Castle Combe
John Russell 19, servant single, groom ostler, Wiltshire Colerne

Census 1901.

Mary Ann Fishlock 57, head widow, landlady, Warmley
Florence Fishlock 24, daughter single, dressmaker, Marshfield
Maude Fishlock 21, daughter single, dressmaker, Marshfield
Mary A. Fishlock 14, daughter, school teacher, Marshfield
Daniel Fishlock 19, son single, bar attendant, Marshfield
James Bowden 30, lodger single, horse farrier, Bath
Harris Markin 64, lodger widower, commercial traveller, Cracow Poland (deaf)
James Bradford 32, lodger widower, carpenter, Barnstaple
John Ingrams 39, lodger single, engineer, Banff Scotland

Census 1911.

Mary Ann Fishlock 67, head widow, licensed victualler, Warmley
Alice Maude Mary Billett Fishlock 31, daughter spinster, assistant in business, Marshfield
Albert Matthews 40, boarder single, huntsman, Bath

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Bee Hive had 14 rooms.