Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Full Moon Upper Borough Walls

1822 – 44. William Howell
1851 – 64. William Mallett
1871 – 72. Richard Tubb
1876 – 1900. Edward Ogburn
1906 – 14. Alfred Ernest Cleall
1916. Cleall Brothers
1919 – 23. Wilfred Cleall
1931. Mrs. Wilfred Cleall
1937 – 50. Emily S. Biggs

Pictured here before the first world war, the Full Moon was later known as Sam Weller’s.

Census 1851.

William Mallett 53, head widower, innkeeper, Devon Oakhampton
Henry Mallett 17, son unmarried, innkeeper’s son, Isle of Man Douglas
George W. Mallett 15, son, innkeepers son, Somerset Bath
Julia Davey 26, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire
Caroline Emery 30, servant married, house servant, Somerset Weston
Maria Toogood 47, servant widow, house servant, Wiltshire Mere
Samuel Dayer 36, servant married, brewer, Somerset Bath
Robert Longman 65, servant married, brewer, Somerset Corton Denham
George Shewring 14, servant, errand boy

Census 1861.

William Mallett 62, head married, innkeeper, Devon Oakhampton
Sarah Mallett 43, wife married, Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Sickham 18, niece unmarried, assistant, Oxfordshire Oxford
Thomas Woodman 16, single, servant, Somerset Bath
Mary Davey 22, unmarried, servant, Somerset Wellington

Census 1871.

Richard Tubb 36, head married, publican, Hampshire Newnham
Emma Tubb 26, wife married, Monmouthshire Stow
Lavinia Tubb 4 months, daughter, Somerset Bath
Therza Williams 19, servant unmarried, Somerset Midsomer Norton

Census 1881.

Edward Ogburn 36, head married, licensed victualler, Hampshire Portsmouth
Louisa J. Ogburn 39, wife married, Somerset Bath
Edward S. Ogburn 12, son scholar, Middlesex Pimlico
Joseph P. Ogburn 9, son scholar, Middlesex Pimlico
Louisa M. Ogburn 1, daughter, Somerset Bath
Matilda Ogburn 26, sister unmarried, barmaid, Hampshire Portsmouth
Laura J. Gray 19, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Bath

Census 1891.

Edward Ogburn 46, head married, licensed victualler, Hampshire Portsmouth St.Thomas
Louisa J. Ogburn 49, wife married, Somerset Bath Walcot
Joseph P. Ogburn 19, son single, engineer fitter, Middlesex London
Louisa M. Ogburn 11, daughter scholar, Somerset Bath St.Michael
Frederick E. Ogburn 9, son scholar, Somerset Bath St.Michael
Frederick V. Rich 19, barman single, barman, Bristol St.Paul
Eliza M. Richmond 15, servant , domestic servant, Wiltshire Trowbridge Holy Trinity

Census 1901.
Listed as … uninhabited, in occupation

Census 1911.

Albert Ernest Cleall 37, joint head single, licensed victualler, Leominster Herefordshire
Wilfred Cleall 38, joint head single, licensed billiards, Leominster Herefordshire