Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Garrick’s Head St.John’s Place

1822 – 30. Robert Hazzard
1839 – 44. William Wood
1851 – 56. James Stillman
1861 – 64. George Gait
1871 – 84. Henry James Wyatt
1889. Elizabeth Short
1890 – 95. Albert Stiles
1900 – 06. Harriet Maria Styles
1911 – 19. Charles Lloyd
1923. Francis Taylor
1931 – 35. Arthur Haines
1937. Sidney Haines
1940. Harold K. Jones
1945 – 50. Henry Genge
1960. Henry B. Fox

In a building dating from 1720, this picture shows the Garrick’s Head sometime before 1910. The entrance to the New Theatre Royal at the front of the pub dates from 1863, and the bust of David Garrick above the door was placed there in 1831. The rounded building at the left of this photograph is the Peep O’ Day public house, which took its odd name from the last show performed in the old Theatre Royal, which burned down in 1862. Harold Jones’ tenancy of the Garrick’s Head commenced on the 2nd August 1940, the rent was £60 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Census 1841.

William Wood 40, innkeeper, born in county
Mary Wood 40, born in county
Elizabeth Wood 15, born in county
James Wood 15, attorney’s clerk, born in county
Mary Wood 10, born in county
Sarah Wood 8, born in county
Thomas Rogers 60, of independent means, not born in county
William Wathan 15, servant, born in county
Mary Brooks 25, servant, born in county
George Love 30, brewer, born in county
John Kimber 25, hairdresser, not born in county

Census 1851.

James Stillman 38, head married, innkeeper, St.James Bath
Ann Stillman 40, wife married, innkeeper’s wife, Corsley Wiltshire
Elizabeth Stillman 59, mother widow, innkeeper’s mother, Hinton Charterhouse
Mary Stillman 28, sister unmarried, milliner, Bath
Thomas Stillman 26, brother unmarried, carrier, Bath
William Stillman 23, brother unmarried, solicitor’s clerk, Bath
Herbert Stanley 26, visitor unmarried, artist, Melton Mowbray Leicestershire
Ruth Williams 18, servant unmarried, servant, Coalpit Heath Gloucestershire

Census 1861.

George Gait 49, head widower, publican victualler, Wiltshire Monkton Farleigh
Harriett Smith 45, boarder unmarried, house keeper, Staffordshire Lichfield
Lucy Kate Bourne 17, visitor unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Beckington
Matilda Sarah Farmer 12, servant, Oxfordshire Oxford
Joseph Stevens 32, lodger unmarried, pensioner Greenwich, Somerset Bath

Census 1871.

Henry J. Wyatt 37, head married, licensed victualler, Bath
Harriet Wyatt 34, wife married, Bath
Henry S. Wyatt 9, son scholar, Bath
Mary Stokes 22, barmaid unmarried, barmaid, Bath
Mary Otridge 18, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Bath

Census 1881.

Henry J. Wyatt 47, head married, licensed victualler, Bath
Harriet Wyatt 44, wife married, Bath
Henry S. Wyatt 19, son unmarried, apprentice to piano forte tuning, Bath
Florence Smith 18, servant unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Glastonbury
Anne Harris 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Dorset Weymouth

Census 1891.

Albert Stiles 44, head married, licensed victualler, Chalford Somerset
Harriet M. Stiles 44, licensed victualler’s assistant. Bath
William A. Stiles 21, son single, licensed victualler’s assistant, Bath
Alice H. Stiles 20, daughter single, licensed victualler’s assistant, Bath
Edward Stiles 18, son single, barman, Bath
Arthur Stiles 17, son single, n. reporter, Bath
Amy K. Stiles 8, daughter scholar, Bath
Sidney T. Stiles 5, son scholar, Bath
Lillian G. Stiles 9 months, Bath