Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Old Crown High Street, Twerton

1841 – 83. James Barrett
1884 – 1902. James Blackmore
1906. John Scarpenti
1911. Henry Hicks
1912 – 35. Alfred Day
1937 – 50. Herbert W. S. Lidbury
1960. G. A. Williams

Census 1841.

James Barrett 35, engineer, not born in county
Diana Barrett 30, born in county
Diana Barrett 8, born in county
Matilda Atwood 15, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

James Barrett 45, head married, machine maker, Somerset Freshford
Dinah Barrett 43, wife married, Somerset Twerton
Dinah Barrett 18, daughter unmarried, Somerset Twerton
Emily Wharton 32, visitor unmarried, milliner, Somerset Freshford
Matilda Atwood 26, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Twerton
William Brown 43, servant unmarried, brewer, Somerset Bath

Census 1861.

James Barrett 55, head married, millwright & inn keeper, Somerset Freshford
Dinah Barrett 53, wife married, Somerset Twerton
Hester Cadby 74, mother in law unmarried, Somerset Twerton
Dinah Blackmore 3, grandchild scholar, Somerset Newton St.Loe
Elizabeth Ward 19, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Englishcombe

Census 1871.

James Barrett 65, head married, engineer, Somerset Freshford
Dinah Barrett 63, wife married, Somerset Twerton
James Blackmore 15, grandson unmarried, engineer, Somerset Newton
Mary Cadby 20, barmaid unmarried, Somerset Twerton
Elizabeth Northover 19, servant unmarried, servant, Somerset Twerton

Census 1881.

James Barrett 75, head widower, engineer, Somerset Freshford
James Barrett Blackmore 24, grandson married, engineer, Somerset Newton St.Loe
Jemima Ellen Blackmore 23, granddaughter married, Somerset Twerton
Harriett Kate Cadby 23, niece single, servant, Somerset Twerton

Census 1891.

James B. Blackmore 35, head married, millwright & licensed victualler, Newton St.Loe Somerset
Jemima E. Blackmore 33, wife married, Twerton Bath Somerset
Constance N. Blackmore 9, daughter scholar, Twerton Bath Somerset
Robert F. Blackmore 5, son scholar, Twerton Bath Somerset
Edith M. Blackmore 2, daughter, Twerton Bath Somerset
Emily M. Pocock 18, servant single, barmaid, Twerton Bath Somerset

Census 1901.

James B. Blackmore 45, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Newton St.Loe
Robert F. Blackmore 14, son, Somerset Twerton
Edith M. Blackmore 12, daughter, Somerset Twerton
Thomas J. Blackmore 4, son, Somerset Twerton

Census 1911.

Henry Hicks 56, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Berrow
Edna Hicks 57, wife married, assisting in business, Somerset Bleadon

In 1902 the Old Crown was acquired by Berryman & Burnell Ltd., the Charlton Brewery, Shepton Mallet. The brewing plant at the pub was no longer required and was sold at auction on 4th March 1902, the auctioneer was Henry Mortimer of Bath. What follows is a transcription of the priced catalogue compiled subsequent to the sale.

Lot No.Description Of Lot£SD
31Pair steelyards, copper thermometer & glass saccharometer in tin case50
32Two mash sticks, two rousers and skimmer30
33Three stocking irons, two skimmers, brushes etc36
345 1/2 inch jaw vice56
35Four leather driving belts76
36Three leather driving belts60
37malt mill with hopper & pair of 10-tread steps and hopper to mach tun96
38Formation hop room170
39Copper barrel wort pump with pipe to underback & connecting gear190
40Brewing copper with large metal tap, masonry and setting4100
41Nominal 4 H.P. Horizontal steam engine with pipe and valve2100
42The 1 inch main driving shaft with pulleys and bearings110
43Counter shaft and pulley50
44Pair of 10-tread stepsXXX
45Joists and flooring (top floor brewery forward)XXX
46Bartletts weighbridge and weights1120
47Pair of sack trucks, duel shute and oil76
48Brewers desk and matchboard partition70
49Copper bottom hop strainer160
50Two trestles and platform16
51Mash tun with horsing and deal stage etc complete2150
52Cooler and outlet tap60
53Copper refrigerator280
54Nominal 4 H.P. Vertical boiler700
55Large barm back and two trestles26
56Spiral copper attemporator, and two lengths of hose160
57Collecting square with metal tap and cover, No. 186
58Collecting square with metal tap and cover, No. 280
59Collecting square with metal tap and cover, No. 386
60Collecting square with metal tap and cover, No. 486
61Two lengths of wire bound hose180
62Galvanised underback with two small girders and hooks, outlet pipe and tap1120
63Lead pipe feeding copper and squares160
65Storepiece No. 1, 250 gallons100
66Storepiece No. 2, 250 gallons100
67Storepiece No. 3, 1200 gallons130
68Storepiece No. 7, 1100 gallons100
69Storepiece No. 8, 1050 gallons100
70Storepiece No. 9, 1450 gallons100
71Storepiece No. 10, 119 gallons100
72Storepiece No. 11, 120 gallons90
73Storepiece No. 12, 117 gallons110
74Storepiece No. 13, 130 gallons110
75Storepiece No. 14, 74 gallons40
77Copper syphon76