Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Oxford Brewery Julian Road

Schedule Of Deeds relating to the Oxford Brewery, Julian Road, Bath.
This is an extract from a document relating to properties purchased by The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited in 1924 from the trustees of George Biggs (deceased). For other extracts of this document see Ye Old Farm House, Landsdown Road and the Crown Brewery, New Orchard Street.

1795 31st August. Lease for a year. Sir William Pulteney to Nathaniel Bayley

1795 1st September. Release in fee. Sir William Pulteney to William Broom and Nathaniel Bayley

1797 6th January. Mortgage. William Broom to Sir James Pulteney

1797 6th January. Bond. William Broom to Sir James Pulteney

1819 10th May. Decree of foreclosure. Codrington v Broom

1820 23rd June. Report. Codrington v Broom

1820 9th December. Order to extend time for payment of Mortgage money. Codrington v Broom

1822 18th January. Order to make foreclosure absolute. Codrington v Broom

1850 23 February. Copy Will. Christopher Garrett

1857 30th June. Assignment. The Revd. Richard Thomas Pulteney to William Phillips

1857 1st July. Mortgage of Nos. 7 & 8 Abingdon Buildings. William Phillips to John Downs

1861 2nd August. Mortgage. William Phillips to James Robbins

1862 27th November. Assignment. Messrs W. S. Grant, George Frederick Price and others to John Ashplant

1865 30th November. Lease. John Ashplant to Samuel Pearce

1871 7th October. Statuary Declaration. By executors of John Ashplant (deceased)

1871 23rd October. Assignment. Executors of John Ashplant (deceased) to Thomas Albert Pearce

1871 25th October. Mortgage of Oxford Tavern and No.4 City View. Thomas A. Pearce to Christopher Garrett

1877 26th November. Reconveyance & Assignment (endorsed on above mortgage). Mrs Mary Halliday Garrett to Thomas Albert Pearce

1895 10th August. Conveyance. Thomas Albert Pearce to George Biggs

1924 19th June. Conveyance. Trustees of George Biggs (deceased) to The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Ltd