Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Seven Stars Upper Borough Walls

In March 1872, William Osborne took over the lease of the Seven Stars from William Hicks at a cost of £650. In 1889 the lease was up for sale.

Below is a transcription of the schedule of the brewing plant, tenants fixtures, stock in trade, licenses, malt, hops, trade utensils and effects, the property of Mr. Osborne in and upon the dwelling house and premises known as the Seven Stars, Upper Borough Walls, Bath, to be taken by the purchaser of the premises by valuation in the usual way, June 15th 1889.

On the 9th August 1889 the lease on the Seven Stars was sold by William Osborne of the King’s Arms, Monmouth Place, to the Bath Brewery Limited for the sum of £2,650.

The Brewery.
The lead lined tank as fitted on roof
The lead supply pipe with ball cock and iron overflow pipe and taps
The dome brewing copper with large metal tap, masonary and setting as fixed
The copper barrel wort pump with lead pipe from underback
The windlass as erected and stage
The malt hopper and staging around copper
Twenty inch iron screw hop press
Ten feet of 1 inch two ply rubber hose with union and nozzle
Two mash sticks
Six step iron ladder
Two stoke irons
Deal enclosure forming coal bin
Double gas bracket
Lead pipe from tank supplying mash tun and refrigerator with three taps
The mash tun with iron false bottom, deal over, and patent grain trap with shute
The copper sparger and fixings
The copper mashing machine with connection and pipe to tap of brewing copper
The stage for hop press
The 2½ inch hop back with horsing for same, 2 metal taps, short length of hose to coolers
The iron false bottom to hop back in twelve parts
The nine step iron ladder and connecting rod
Terral and Co’s patent copper refrigerator on copper tray
The lead inlet pipe with tap and union
The lead outlet pipe with union and tap
The refrigerator cooler with horsing
Gas bracket
The underback with copper well and horsing as fixed
Large metal spanner tap with union and hose to waste
The cooler with horsing over refrigerator with tap and hose
The lead outlet
The copper lined collecting and fermenting square “No.1” with horsing
Metal tap , union and hose to waste
The collecting and fermenting square “No.2” with zinc barm shute as fixed
The collecting and fermenting vessel “No.3” with zinc barm shute
The massive beams carrying collecting vessels
The 1½ inch deal barm back with plug and framed horsing
Long grain shute
Two gas brackets
Fifteen round ladder
Eight tread steps, nine tread steps
Zinc shute, two brackets and tub dipping rod

Malt Room.
Bartlett’s machine and weights
Funnel for spirit casks
Brewer’s desk – gas pendant

Hop Room.
Washing machine, unfixed, and parts of false bottom

Store pieces in No.1 cellar, viz – Nos. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Store pieces in No.2 cellar, viz – Nos. 6. 7. 8 and 9.
The lead pipe with union taps for filling pieces
Length of rubber hose with unions for filling pieces
Various cellar tools and all extra pipes
Extra engine and other taps for pieces
Twelve round ladder
The whole of the horsing to the store pieces
Fourteen round hinged ladder
The staging between pieces and iron column support
Short ladder, pair of steps
Gas meter and whole of the gas pipe throughout the premises
The enamelled iron urinal as fixed on basement

Gas stove and fixings
Meat safe, table, steps and sundries
Coals in cellar

Half glazed door forming lobby with rising hinge
Ornamental iron gate at foot of stairs
Two gas brackets
Formation of lobby at back entrance
The deal case tank as fixed, supply and tap and lead lined trough as fixed and pipe for waste
The panelled enclosure with sliding and fixed sashes and half glazed serving door forming the bar enclosure

Six motion beer engine with the whole of the piping and taps connected therewith
The twelve tap spirit engine with block tin
Piping for spirit casks and union taps to spirit casks
Lead lined drip to spirit casks
Nest of drawers under spirit engine
Zinc drip on left of beer engine with copper lined well, cistern and shelving under same
The whole of the shelving in the bar and corner cupboard as fixed
Double gas bracket
The spirit casks on shelves on in recess over stairs
Mahogany seat with bins as fixed
All cups, pewter and other measures – funnels, glasses and utensils in trade

Bar Parlour.
Painted oak panelled settle with brass rod and curtain on top
The whole of the mahogany seating with elbows, uprights and match board casing
Two light pendant and light glasses
venetian blind, wire ditto, cupboard
Chimney glass, 8 day dial, fender and irons
Gas stove and kettle, two stools, 7 spitoons
2 mahogany drinking tables
Water ewer, hatch vase, coal vase, bust
Four pictures, beer warmer, sundries in cupboard, tobacco box

Tap Room.
Deal seating around room 47 ft run, four elbow ends and 10 supports
Three mahogany drinking tables
Gas pendant
Iron fender

All beer, ale, stout, wine cordials, spirits, malt, hops, cigars and other stock that may be upon the premises at the time of the completion of the valuation.

Census 1841.

George Brinkworth 45, publican, not born in county
Sarah Brinkworth 45, not born in county
Eliza Brimble 20, servant, born in county
Sophia Dudley 15, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

John Brinkworth 33, head unmarried, licensed victualler, Bath Somerset
Elizabeth Smith 48, housekeeper widow, housekeeper, Weston Somerset
Mary Ann Hinge 26, servant unmarried, house servant, Bath Somerset
William White 14, servant, errand boy, Camerton Somerset

Census 1861.

Thomas Bennett 45, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Tormarton
Jane Bennett 39, wife married, Gloucestershire Sodbury
Sarah J. Bennett 17, daughter unmarried, assistant at home, Bristol
Thomas S. Bennett 10, son, school, Bristol
Wiliam J. Bennett 9, son, school, Bristol
Fanny Bennett 4, daughter, Somerset Bath
George Porch 16, unmarried, servant, Somerset Bath
Louisa New 17, unmarried, servant, Wiltshire Winsley

Census 1871.
Nos. 1 & 2 Upper Borough Walls – uninhabited at the time of census

Census 1881.

William Osborne 24, head unmarried, brewer, Somerset Bath
Louisa Millard 43, servant widow, housekeeper, Berkshire Reading
Martha Cecil 26, servant unmarried, general servant, South Wales Tallawaine Merionethshire

Census 1891.

Walter Dyer 23, head married, licensed victualler, Staple Mead Wiltshire
Sarah J. Dyer 24, wife married, Bath Somerset
Walter E. Dyer 6 months, son, Bath Somerset
Alice Meadew 16, servant single, domestic servant, Cardiff

Census 1901.

John Burt 45, head married, hotel proprietor and master tailor, Bristol
Margaret Burt 50, wife married, Bristol
Margaret F. Burt 12, daughter, Bristol
Dorothy M. Burt 9, daughter, Bristol
Robert W. Phillips 15, servant, barwork etc., Bath
Edith E. Bush 12, servant, general domestic servant, Bath
Edwin G. Smart 42, visitor single, commercial clerk, Cardiff Glamorganshire