Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Avon Packet Tavern Coronation Road

Bristol Museum collections

1847 – 63. Moses Evans
1865. Fanny Evans
1866. James Salvidge
1867 – 79. William Stowell
1881 – 1901. John Leakey
1904 – 11. John Chaffe
1914. Annie Price
1917. John Chaffe
1921 – 28. Florence Mabel Chaffe
1931 – 37. Patrick O’Brian
1938. Lawrence Small
1939 – 50. Stanley Arthur Stone
1975. G. Summerhill About this capture

Stanley Stone’s tenancy commenced on the 7th February 1939, the annual rent was £90, the landlord was the Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. Near the corner with Greenway Bush Lane the Avon Packet is still trading.

Census 1851.

Moses Evans 51, head married, retailer of beer, Bedminster Somerset
Emma Evans 35, wife married, Bedminster Somerset
Ann Hitchman 63, mother in law widow, assistant, Banwell Somerset
Francis Evans 8, nephew, scholar, Bedminster Somerset
William Stowell 17, servant unmarried, Bedminster Somerset

Census 1861.

Moses Evans 61, head widower, beer house keeper, Bedminster
Francis Evans 18, nephew unmarried, plumber and glazier, Bedminster (deaf)
Edward C. Stowell 6, nephew, Bristol St.Paul’s
Fanny Rickards 21, servant unmarried, Bristol St.Paul’s
Mary Rickards 15, servant, Bristol St.Paul’s

Census 1871.

W. J. Stowell 41, head married, publican, Bristol
Eliza Stowell 34, wife married, Wiltshire Corsham
Rosa Stowell 10, daughter, Bristol
James Stowell 9, son, Bristol
Allan ? Stowell 7, daughter, Bristol
William Stowell 5, son, Bristol
Anna Stowell 4, daughter, Bristol
Frederick Stowell 1, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Ring 19, servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

John H. Leakey 44, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Churchill
Mary Leakey 46, wife married, Somerset Blackford
Maud Dashfield 14, step daughter, scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Matilda Franklin 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

John Leakey 54, head married, licensed victualler, Churchill Somerset
Mary Leakey 56, wife married, Blackford Somerset
Maud Leakey 24, step daughter single, Bristol Bedminster
Salome Long 21, servant single, general domestic servant, Wells Somerset

Census 1901.

John H. Leakey 62, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Churchill
Mary Leakey 67, wife married, Somerset Blackford
Alice M. Smith 4, grandchild, Bristol
Frederick Bishop 20, servant single, head barman, West Harptree Somerset
Martha Williams 45, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol
Florence M. Oxenham 18, servant single, nurse (domestic) Bristol

Census 1911.

John Chaffe 45, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Bristol
Albert Marshall 41, servant single, barman, Bedminster Bristol
Fred Whitaker 16, servant single, barman, Gloucestershire Bristol

The following is part of an email sent by Lenore Frost from Essendon in Victoria, Australia…
Many years ago I did some research on the Avon Packet Hotel, as an ancestor resided and worked there. My ancestor was Ann Hitchman. Her daughter Emma Hitchman married Moses Rennolds Evans in Bath in 1851 – Emma gave her occupation as dressmaker, with the address as 10 Southgate St, Bath. When I looked at this address in the 1851 Census, it turned out to be another pub – the innkeeper was Eliza Parfitt, and other residents were inn servants. By the time of the census Emma was married and living with Moses Evans at the Avon Packet Tavern, Coronation Road, Bristol. Emma’s mother Ann was shown as an assistant, and her son in law Moses evans was the head, aged 51, a retailer of beer.

Ann Hitchman died in 1853 aged 69, still residing in Coronation Road. Emma Evans died on 18 Nov 1855, aged 42, Moses Rennolds Evans died and was buried on 14 July 1864, abode Coronation Road, aged 65, so I’m betting that he was still the publican at the tavern at that time.

You showed a Fanny Evans for 1865 in your list, and checking the Free BMD index I found that Moses had remarried in the September Quarter 1863. There wasn’t a matching entry for the bride, so I guess that is still coming.

Some years ago I wrote to the Courage Brewery to enquire about the pub and was sent some information by the archivist as to items contained in a bundle of old deeds – in reference to the ownership of the building. The deeds are dated from 1843 to 1974.

Schedule of deeds & documents relating to the Avon Packet, 185/187 Coronation Road, Bedminster, Bristol Bundle of old Deeds

28th April 1843 Appointment Mr Isaac Brown to Mr George Salvidge

17th May 1843 Mortgage Mr G Salvidge to Mr Robert Phippen

29th February 1844 Mortgage Mr G Salvidge to Messrs James & Pierce
[Above line crossed out and annotated “Not in Pkt 1980”.]

26th May 1866 Conveyance Mrs Mary Neilson & Ors to Mr G Salvidge

29th September 1874 Attested copy conveyance The Trustees of the Will of the late Mr G Salvidge & their Mtgee To Mr G Salvidge

1st October 1874 Mortgage & reconveyance end Mr G Salvidge to The Rev S A Barnett

1875 Abstract of Title

1875 Continuation of Abstract of Title

1875 Continuation of Abstract of Title

8th July 1875 Conveyance Mr G Salvidge to Messrs James & Pierce

1889 Abstract of Title

1st September 1962 Conveyance The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co Ltd to Courage Barclay & Simonds Ltd

1963 Abstract of Title

1970 Copy of certificate of Incorporation on Change of name to Courage Ltd No. 546912

1974 Agreement for sale Courage (Western) Ltd & Courage Brewing Ltd

Many thanks to Lenore Frost in Australia for providing this information.