Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Cross Hands Bridgwater Road

1836 – 51. Hester Hall
1861 – 1877. Joseph Hall
1877 to 1881. Harriet Hall
1882 to 1900. Joseph Hall jnr
1901 – 13. Clara Hall
1916 – 30. Isaac Jacobs
1934 – 49. George Barton
1952 – 55. Edward G. Cockram
1975. T. A. Vowles

Census 1841.

Hester Hall 45, publican, born in county
Isaac Hall 14, born in county
James Hall 10, born in county
Benjamin Hall 8, born in county
Martha Hall 6, born in county

Census 1851.

Hester Hall 51, head widow, beer retailer, Somerset Axbridge
Isaac Hall 21, son unmarried, cabinet maker, Somerset Bedminster
Benjamin Hall 20, son unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
Henry Hall 12, son, Somerset Bedminster
Phoebe Hall 10, daughter, Somerset Bedminster

Census 1861.

Joseph Hall 42, head married, beer retailer, Somerset Bedminster
Harriet Hall 41, wife married, beer retailer’s wife, Somerset Bedminster
Thomas Hall 19, son unmarried, coal miner, Somerset Bedminster
John Hall 17, son unmarried, coal miner, Somerset Bedminster
Esther Hall 13, daughter, laundress, Somerset Bedminster
Ann Hall 5, daughter scholar, Somerset Bedminster
James Hall 7, son scholar, Somerset Bedminster
Emma Hall 3, daughter scholar, Somerset Bedminster
Esther Hall 65, mother widow, Somerset Bedminster
Phoebe Hall 19, sister unmarried, Somerset Bedminster

Census 1871.

Joseph Hall 53, head married, inn keeper, Bedminster
Harriett Hall 52, wife married, Stratford on Avon
James Hall 17, son unnmarried, stoker, Bedminster
Ann Hall 15, daughter, Bedminster
Emma Hall 13, daughter scholar, Bedminster
Robert Organ 42, lodger unmarried, lime burner, Witcombe Gloucestershire

Census 1881.

Harriett Hall 65, head widow, beer house keeper, Stratford on Avon Warwickshire
Emma Hall 18, granddaughter unmarried, servant, Bedminster Bristol
Annie Hall 9, granddaughter scholar, Bedminster Bristol
Elizabeth Hall 5, granddaughter scholar, Bedminster Bristol

Census 1891.

Joseph Hall 53, head married, publican, Bedminster Somerset
Clara Hall 52, wife married, Somerset Bath
Edward Hall 21, son single, Bethnel Green London
Clara L. Hall 19, daughter single, London
Florence B. Hall 15, daughter, London
Harriett Hall 12, daughter, London
Elizabeth Walker 72, friend widow, Bedminster Somerset
Rhoda A. Witcombe 15, general domestic servant, Radstock

Census 1901.

Clara Hall 62, head widow, landlady publican, Corston Somerset
Harriet A. Hall 22, daughter single, London

Census 1911.

Clara Hall 73, head widow, inn keeper, Somerset Corston
Edmund Joseph Hall 42, son married, inn keeper’s manager, London East End
Reginald Gibbs 13, boarder, inn keeper’s help, Bristol