Bristol’s Lost Pubs

General Elliott East Street

1792. Harry Baber
1794. William Moore
1806. Joseph Rex
1816 – 23. Joseph Culverwell
1826 – 28. William Hall
1830. Thomas Poulton
1831 – 34. William Poulton
1837. James Daniel
1839 – 41. James Fish
1844 – 60. George Salvidge
1861. George Salvidge jnr
1863 – 69. Daniel Mereweather
1871 – 81. John Hasell
1882. G. Daunton
1883. George Parker
1886. Mrs. A. McCartney
1887. Mrs. F. Wickham
1888 – 97. Edward Cranfield
1899. Francis Holder
1901 – 04. Henry Smith
1905 – 06. Henry Holland
1909. James Howell
1914 – 38. Martha York
1941 – 44. Richard Gladstone Harris
1950 – 56. Leonard J. Trott
1975. M. A. Nott

Courage Brewery Archive via Bristol Know Your Place

The tenancy of Richard Harris commenced on the 3rd February 1941, the rent was £85 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited, Mr. Harris took over the General Elliott when his previous pub, the Fox in Peter Street was bombed. The colour photograph; which was provided by Pete Yeates, shows the General Elliott empty and boarded up prior to re-opening as a fish & chip restaurant in 2011.

© Pete Yeates

Census 1841.

James Fish 30, innkeeper, not born in county
Jane Pritchard 30, servant, not born in county
John Trilbey 30, labourer, not born in county
Joseph Bidgood 20, labourer, not born in county
William Bidgood 16, labourer, not born in county

Census 1851.

George Salvidge 53, head married, licensed vitler, Somerset Wells
Sarah Salvidge 57, wife married, Somerset Bedminster
Mary Ann Salvidge 25, daughter unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
William Salvidge 23, son unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
George Salvidge 21, son unmarried, Somerset Bedminster
Emma Salvidge 15, daughter, Somerset Bedminster
George Higgs 6, nephew visitor, Bristol
John Salvidge 84, father in law widower, Somerset Litton
Emma Lampson 20, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Ashton
Silvester Derrick 18, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Blagdon

George Augustus Elliott (1717 – 1790)

Census 1861.

George Salvidge 61, head married, yeoman, Somerset Wells
Sarah Salvidge 60, wife married, Bedminster
William Salvidge 32, son unmarried, carpenter, Bedminster
George Salvidge 30, son unmarried, inn keeper, Bedminster
Hester Salvidge 22, daughter unmarried, Bedminster
Mary A. Higgs 8, granddaughter, Birmingham
Harriet Martin 25, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Kingstone

Census 1871.

John Hasell 58, head married, licensed victualler, Bedminster
Sarah Hasell 58, wife married, Bedminster
Ester Hasell 33, daughter unmarried, Bedminster
Mary Ann Hasell 31, daughter unmarried, servant, Bedminster
Sarah A. Duffity 8, granddaughter scholar, Bedminster

Census 1881.

John Hasell 69, head widower, landlord innkeeper, Bedminster Bristol
Sarah Sealey 46, nurse unmarried, nurse, Bedminster Bristol
Elizabeth Wedlock 14, servant, domestic servant, Bedminster Bristol

Census 1891.

Edward Cranfield 56, head married, licensed victualler, London Islington
Alice H. Cranfield 40, wife married, Bristol Bedminster
Edward Cranfield 20, son single, clerk merchantile, Bristol Bedminster
Beaumont Cranfield 18, son single, clerk merchantile, Somerset Bath
William Cranfield 16, son, employed in business, London Whitechapel
Bertie Cranfield 14, son, clerk merchantile, London Clapham
Alice E. Cranfield 12, daughter scholar, London Brixton
Ethel M. Cranfield 10, daughter scholar, London Brixton
Lionel Cranfield 7, son scholar, London Brixton
Percy B. Cranfield 5, son scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Violet Cranfield 3, daughter, Bristol Bedminster
Harriet Murphy 17, servant single, domestic servant, Somerset Keynsham

Census 1901.

Henry Smith 31, head married, licensed victualler, Worcester
Emily Edith Smith 34, wife married, Worcester
Rose Sarah Summers 23, sister in law single, Worcester
Dorothy Gladys Smith 9, daughter, Worcester
Edna Ruby Smith 8, daughter, Worcester
Robert Stanley Smith 5, son, Worcester
Jessie Victoria Smith 3, daughter, Worcester
Maggie Tremlet 21, domestic servant single, Somerset Bridgwater