Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Hen & Chicken North Street
The Hen & Chicken was rebuilt on the corner of Greville Road around 1905, the pub was rebuilt again in the 1950’s having suffered extensive bomb damage during the war

1775. John Page
1794 – 97. Jacob Clark
1797 to 1838. Elizabeth Clark
1838 to 1866. Samuel Clark
1866 to 1880. Susan Clark
1880 to 1944. Martin Clark
(1901. William Warren, manager)
(1911. Edwin Faithfull, manager)
1944 to 1950. Martin Gerald Clark
1975. G. F. Wilkins

In an 1853 directory Samuel Clark is listed as a deal and timber merchant, near Bedminster Bridge Coronation Road. Private residence, Hen & Chicken North Street, Bedminster

Census 1841.

Samuel Clark 53, timber merchant, born in county
Mary Railes 15, born in county
Amelia Railes 7, born in county
Elizabeth Bayley 25, not born in county

Census 1851.

Samuel Walter Clark 60, head married, deal & timber merchant employing 8 men & 1 boy, Bedminster Somerset
Susan Clark 33, wife married, out parish of St.Philip’s Bristol
Samuel Harry Clark 2, son, Bedminster Somerset
William Clark 2 months, son, Bedminster Somerset
Eliza Osborne 20, servant unmarried, St.Philip’s Bristol
Matilda Clark 16, niece unmarried, Bedminster Bristol

Census 1861.
Hen & Chicken

Samuel Clark 71, head married, timber dealer, Bristol Bedminster
Susan Clark 41, wife married, Bristol Baptist Mills
Samuel Clark 12, son scholar, Bristol Bedminster
William Clark 10, son scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Martin Clark 8, son scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Ann Garrell 30, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somersetshire

Census 1871.

Susan Clark 52, head widow, inn keeper & farmer of 75 acres, Bedminster
William Clark 20, son unmarried, timber merchant, Bedminster
Martin Clark 18, son unmarried, medical student, Bedminster
Henrietta Lock 15, niece unmarried, Bedminster
Elizabeth Rawles 25, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Duider near Wells

Census 1881.

Martin Clark 28, head unmarried, inn keeper & sawyer, Bristol Somerset
Helen Jones 45, cousin widow, barmaid, Newport Monmouthshire
Emily Wilkins 24, servant unmarried, general servant, Ashton Bristol

Census 1891.

Martin Clark 38, head married, farmer & licensed victualler, Somerset Bedminster
Kate White 29, single, barmaid, Wiltshire Bradford on Avon
Rose Ly… 18, single, domestic servant, Somesetshire Bedminster

Census 1901.

William Henry Warren 33, head married, manager of licensed premises (Hen & Chicken), Bristol
Emily E. Warren 34, wife married, Burnham Somerset

No.2 Lower Greville Road
Martin Clark 47, head married, contractor, Bedminster Somerset
Clara Clark, 37, wife married, Bedminster Somerset
Mildred Clark 7, daughter, Bedminster Somerset
Isabel Tiley 24, servant single, domestic servant, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Census 1911.
Hen & Chicken Hotel

Edwin Faithfull 23, head single, manager, Bristol
Russell Baber 19, boarder single, head barman, Bristol

Long Ashton
Martin Clark 58, head married, contractor and wine & spirit merchant, County of Bristol
Clare M. Clark 47, wife married, County of Bristol
Gerald M. Clark 22, son single, with his Father, County of Bristol
Elizabeth J. Reese 23, maid single, Pembrokshire