Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Myrtle Tree East Street

Bristol Museum collections

1854. Thomas Gay
1855 to 1868. Charles Gay
1869 to 1891. Maurice Callaway
1892 – 1917. Mary Ann Callaway
1921 – 38. Albert Callaway
1944 – 53. Edward Bicker

Census 1861.

Charles Gay 42, head widow, rope maker, Bedminster
Charles Gay junior 21, son unmarried, rope maker, Bedminster
Mary A. Gay 18, daughter unmarried, milliner, Bedminster
Sarah A. Gay 16, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Bedminster
Henry Gay 13, son scholar, Bedminster
Maria Gay 11, daughter scholar, Bedminster
Thomas Gay 9, son scholar, Bedminster
Emily Gay 6, daughter scholar, Bedminster
Mary A. Durban 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bedminster

Census 1871.

Maurice Callaway 58, head married, rope maker, Somerset Bath
Mary Ann Callaway 31, wife married, beer house keeper, Somerset Bedminster
Julia Emily Callaway 13, daughter, Somerset Bedminster
Alice Callaway 11, daughter, Somerset Bedminster
Arthur M. Callaway 5, Somerset Bedminster
Florence A. Callaway 2, daughter, Somerset Bedminster
Albert James Callaway 1, Somerset Bedminster

Census 1881.

Maurice Callaway 69, head married, beer retailer, Bedminster Somerset
Mary A. Callaway 41, wife married, Bedminster Somerset
Julia Callaway 23, daughter, dress maker, Bedminster Somerset
Alice M. Callaway 20, daughter, corset maker, Bedminster Somerset
Arthur Callaway 15, son, office boy, Bedminster Somerset
Florence Callaway 12, daughter scholar, Bedminster Somerset
Albert Callaway 11, son scholar, Bedminster Somerset
Kate Callaway 3, daughter scholar, Bedminster Somerset

Census 1891.

Mary A. Callaway 51, head widow, inn keeper, Bristol Bedminster
Emily J. Callaway 33, daughter single, dress & mantle maker, Bristol Bedminster
Alice M. J. Callaway 31, daughter single, dressmaker’s machinist, Bristol Bedminster
Arthur M. Callaway 25, son single, sadler & ironmonger’s assistant, Bristol Bedminster
Florence A. Callaway 22, daughter single, dress & mantle maker, Bristol Bedminster
Albert J. Callaway 21, son single, harness maker, Bristol Bedminster
Kate Callaway 13, daughter scholar, Bristol Bedminster
Florrey Hill 13, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol Bedminster

Census 1901.

Mary Ann Callaway 61, head widow, beer retailer, Bedminster Bristol
Julia Emily Callaway 43, daughter single, dress maker, Bedminster Bristol
Alice Mary Jane Callaway 41, machinist, Bedminster Bristol
Kate Evelyn Callaway 23, daughter single, Bedminster Bristol
Mary Louise Callaway 6, granddaughter, Bristol

Census 1911.

Mary Ann Callaway 71, head widow, licensee, Bedminster Bristol
Julia Emily Callaway 53, daughter single, assisting in business, Bedminster Bristol
Mary Louise Callaway 16, granddaughter single, milliner’s apprentice, St.Paul’s Bristol (parents now in S. Africa)