Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Red Cow West Street

These pictures of the Red Cow were kindly provided by Carolyn Caflisch, the first picture shows the pub sometime between 1890 and the first world war. The sign bears the name of S. T. Martin but it is not known if this is landlord Samuel Martin stood in the doorway. Above the bay window is painted… ‘established over a century’. The wall at the left of the pub was lost when a bomb was dropped on the Red Cow yard during the war. The second picture was taken in March 2005. The Red Cow, one of the oldest buildings in south Bristol, has since been demolished.

1792 – 1806. William Morgan
1816 – 30. Isaac Williams
1832 – 34. William Field
1837. Benjamin Luxton
1839 – 51. James Stone
1852. John Stone
1853. H. Gingell
1853. Nathaniel Brown
1853 to 1854. James Bridgeman
1855. Charles Puddy
1856. W. Green
1859 – 61. Daniel Mereweather
1863 – 72. Philip Horatio Huxtable
1873 to 1874. Philip Jones
1875 to 1890. William Philip Jones
1891 to 1914. Samuel Martin
1915. Ellen Matilda Martin
1916 – 25. Alfred Still
1928. Frederick Still
1931. Alfred Still
1935 – 53. William Tovey
1975. L. A. Pratt

Census 1841.

James Stone 30, inn keeper, born in county
Jane Stone 25, born in county
Henry Stone 4, born in county
Mary Stone 1, born in county
Ann Phillips 35, servant, born in county
William Phillips 35, servant, born in county
Hester Butson 12, servant, born in county
John Farm ? 15, lodger, born in county

Census 1861.

Daniel Mereweather, head married 43, inn keeper, Bedminster
Ann Mereweather, married 42, Bedminster
Sarah Ann Mereweather, daughter 21, scholar, Bedminster
Esther Mereweather, daughter 16, scholar, Bedminster
John Mereweather, son 13, scholar, Monmouthshire Blaenavon
George Mereweather, son 5, scholar, Bedminster
Mary J. Mereweather, daughter 1, Bedminster
Joseph Heard, lodger married 45, Hawker, Somerset Frome
Mary Heard, lodger married 35, Somerset Frome

Census 1881.

William P. Jones, Head 45, Licensed Victualler
Ellen B. Jones, Wife 41, Employed at home
William P. Jones, Son 17, Carpenters Apprentice
Ellen M. Jones, Daughter 16
Emily Eliza Jones, Daughter 14, Scholar
Fanny E. Jones, Daughter 12, Scholar
Philip H. Jones, Son 10, Scholar
Sarah A. Jones, Daughter 7, Scholar
Matilda H. Jones, Daughter 4, Scholar
Lucy H. Jones, Daughter 9 months

Census 1891.

Samuel Thomas Martin, Head 27 Licensed Victualler
Ellen Matilda Martin, Wife 26
William George Martin, Son 6 months
William Philip Jones, Brother in law Single 27, Builder, Contractor and Brick Manufacturer
Philip H. H. Jones, Brother in law Single 20
Matilda Harriet Jones, Sister in law Single 14

Census 1901.

Samuel T. Martin 37, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Coleford
Ellen M. Martin 36, wife married, Bristol St.Philip’s
William G. Martin 10, son, Bristol Bedminster
Herbert E. Martin 9, son, Bristol Bedminster
Ellen S. Martin 7, daughter, Bristol Bedminster
Ada V. Martin 3, daughter, Bristol Bedminster

Census 1911.

Samuel Thomas Martin 47, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Killmerston
Ellen Matilda Martin 46, wife marrried, assisting in business, St.Jude’s Bristol
Herbert Ernest Martin 19, son single, student, Bedminster Bristol
Ellen Sarah Martin 17, daughter single, school, Bedminster Bristol
Ada Victoria Martin 13, daughter school, Bedminster Bristol

Census information for 1881 & 1891 was kindly provided by Carolyn Caflisch and Debra Cocking

© Carolyn Caflisch