Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Albert Marlborough Street

1851 – 54. William Fewings (grocery dealer & beer retailer)
1856 – 58. Joseph Webb
1861. William Hovey
1863. Benjamin Hall
1866. Heard & Eveleigh (Albert beer & porter stores)
1867 – 83. Alfred Horder (grocer Albert Stores)
1885 – 86. James Goldsworthy
1886. John Ward
1887. Edward Francis Hay
1887. John Stephens
1889. Hannah Driscoll
1891. Emma James
1891 to 1893. Elizabeth Lewis
1894 – 97. George Rich
1899. F. M. Robe
1901 – 14. James William Pearce
1917 – 34. Edward Colston Pearce
1934 – 53. Albert James Batt
1956. Jessie Hannah Batt

The tenancy of Albert Batt commenced on the 31st of October 1934, the rent was £36 per annum and was increased to £42 on the 29th September 1935, the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Bristol Museum

Census 1851.

William Fewings 32, head married, grocer, Bristol
Maria Fewings 28, wife married, Bristol
Charles Fewings 6, son, Somerset Bath
Emily Fewings 5, daughter, Bristol
Julia Fewings 3, daughter, Bristol

Census 1861.

William Horey 27, father married, grocer, Tewksbury
Matilda Horey 33, mother married, Pensford Somerset
Elizabeth Horey 10, daughter, scholar St.James’ Bristol
Ann Horey 6, daughter scholar, St.Paul’s Bristol
Willie Horey 5, son scholar, St.Michael’s Bristol
Arthur Horey 3, son, St.James’ Bristol
Martha Horey 1, daughter, St.James’ Bristol
Sarah White 16, servant unmarried, St.Philip’s Bristol
Sophia Masters 60, lodger widow, bag maker, Redcliff Bristol

Census 1871.

Alfred Horder 33, head married, grocer, Frampton Cotterell
Ann Horder 33, wife married, Devon Ilfracombe
Mary Horder 26, sister unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Sarah Ann Seader 14, general servant, Monmouthshire Tredegar

Census 1881.

Alfred Horder 43, head married, provision merchant, Gloucestershire Frampton Cotterell
Ann Horder 43, wife married, Devon Berrynarbor
Agnes Horder 6, daughter scholar, Bristol St.James’
Emily Horder 3, daughter, Bristol St.James’
Emily Ward 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol St.Augustine’s

Census 1891.

Elizabeth Lewis 36, head widow, beer house keeper, Thornbury
Herbert H. Lewis 9, son scholar, Bath
Arthur Lewis 8, son scholar, Bath
Ralph Lewis 4, son scholar, Bath
Mary A. Herbert 86, mother widow, Thornbury
Ellen Deacon 13, servant, Bristol St.Paul’s

Census 1901.

James W. Pearce 55, head married, beer house keeper, Bristol St.James’
mary A. Pearce 57, wife married, Taunton Somerset
James G. Pearce 32, son single, boot worker, Bristol St.James’
Alfred E. Pearce 31, son single, boot worker, Bristol St.James’
Annie Pearce 27, daughter single, domestic, Bristol St.James’
Emily Pearce 24, daughter single, barmaid, Bristol St.James’

Census 1911.

James William Pearce 65, head single, publican, St.James’ Bristol
Edward Colston Pearce 32, son single, assisting in business, St.James’ Bristol
William Harry Pearce 31, son single, watch maker, St.James’ Bristol