Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Antelope Broadmead
Previously named the Brandy Cask, the Antelope was demolished in the 1950s redevelopment, as was the Armada which stood two doors along towards Old King Street (now Merchant Street).

Brandy Cask
1816 – 20. James Holland
1823. James Mitchell
1826 – 30. Mary Mitchell
1839 – 42. William Gibbs
1844. P. Gibbs

1848 Sarah Haydon
1851 – 54. Charles Manning
1855 – 63. Frederick C. G. Weir
1865. Weir & Co.
1866 to 1868. Richard Lear
1869 to 1871. James Tapson
1871 – 77. Thomas Hollyman
1881 – 86. Sarah louisa Hollyman
1887 to 1888. Alfred Hollyman
1889 to 1891. Alfred Terry
1892 – 94. Sarah Ann Terry
1896. Sarah Ann Cox
1897. Henrietta Levy
1899 – 02. Frederick Dawes
1904. Daniel Jones
1906. John Kear
1909 – 11. Herbert George Newton
1914. Arthur Lilley
1917 – 37. Arthur Williams
1939 – 50. Alice Haynes
1953 Henry John Lapham

Bristol Museum

The tenancy of Alice Haynes commenced on the 5th June 1939, the rent was £50 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited.

Census 1841.

William Gibbs 55, victualler, born in county
Ann Gibbs 55, born in county
Thomas Gibbs 20, brass founder, born in county
Ann Gibbs 20, dress maker, born in county
Ann Strong 55, servant, born in county
Elizabeth Berry 30, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Charles Manning 31, head married, licensed Victualler, Bristol St. Phillips
Caroline Manning 30, wife married, Bristol St Pauls
Caroline ? Manning 10, daughter, Redcliff
Julia Manning 3, daughter, Clifton Bristol
Mary Manning 1, daughter, Clifton Bristol
Eliza Bateman 38, Servant unmarried, Wincanton Somerset
Mary Scamen 43, visitor widow, Milliner, Bath
Emmelia Doggrel 38, Visitor unmarried Milliner, Bath

Census 1861.

Charles Weir 36, head married, victualler, Somersetshire Bath
Susan J. Weir 31, wife married, Devonshire Exeter
John Weir 3, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
Frederick W. Weir 1, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
John Davies 66, father in law married, proprietor of houses, Hampshire Lymington
Mary Ann Parsons 35, servant unmaried, house servant, Gloucestershire Sodbury
Laura Jenkins 21, servant unmarried, nurse, Somersetshire Bristol

Census 1871.

Thomas Hollyman 36, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Clevedon
Louisa Hollyman 26,wife married, Gloucestershire Hallen
Walter Hollyman 18, nephew unmarried, Bristol City & County
William Waymouth 19, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol City & County
Jane Sutton 41, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Bath

Census 1881.

Sarah Louisa Hollyman 35, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Henbury
Anna Gibbs 23, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Somerton

Census 1891.

Alfred Terry 34, head married, licensed victualer, Kent Minster
Sarah A. Terry 34, wife married, Devon Dunchideock
Bessie Light 23, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Rose E. Floyd 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Frederick C. Dawes 41, head married, public house, Bristol
Elizabeth Dawes 31, wife married, Almondbury Gloucestershire
Alice M. Dawes 6, daughter, Almondsbury Gloucestershire
Kate Shaw 22, visitor single, dress maker, Chilton Boulton Somerset
Amelia L. Ball 22, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Lionel F. Dawes 1, son, Almondsbury Gloucestershire

Census 1911.

Herbert George Newton 33, head married, licensed victualler, Bath Somerset
Eliza Elizabeth Newton 32, wife married, assistant in business, Waltham Abbey Essex
Herbert Arthur Newton 10, son school, Bristol Somerset
Lillie Maud Day 19, servant single, barmaid, Bristol Gloucestershire
Gladys Irene Meal 20, servant single, barmaid, Margate
Jessie Hendy 24, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol Somerset