Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Bunch Of Grapes Milk Street
With the building of the inner circuit road in the early 1960s this pub found itself on the corner of Bond Street and Newfoundland Street, it was demolished in 1982 for the Spectrum office building and road widening.

1800. Edward Onion
1806. Stephen Watts
1816. William George Barnett
1820. Mary Barnett
1822 – 26. James Marshall
1828 – 40. John Norrish
1841 – 42. William Barnett
1844 – 47. Matthew Herman
1848 – 63. Thomas Davey
1865 – 89. Hester Davey
1891 – 94. John Davey
1896 – 97. Herbert Patrick
1899 – 1904. Maria Williams
1906. Herbert F. S. Hodge
1909 – 11. Frank Bishop
1912. Catherine Jordan
1912 to 1937. Henry John Burt
1938. Albert Coker
1944 – 50. Percival Pollock
1953. William Ward
1956. J. R. Musty
1975. W. Watson

Bristol Museum

On the 24th June 1889 the Bunch of Grapes was taken on a 10 year lease at a rent of £55 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to the Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000.

Census 1841.

William Barnett 45, publican, born in county
Ann Barnett 42, born in county
Mary Stiles 18, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Thomas Davey 57, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset King’s Brompton
Hester Davey 35, wife married, Somerset Bleadon
Sarah Davey 3, daughter, Bristol
Thomas Davey 2, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Davey 1, daughter, Bristol
Elizabeth Hayward 10, niece scholar, Bristol
Eliza Smith 24, servant unmarried, Northbury Lancashire

Census 1861.

Thomas Davey 68, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset
Hester Davey 43, wife married, Blagdon Somerset
Thomas J. Davey 12, son, St.Paul’s Bristol
Elizabeth Davey 11, daughter, St.Paul’s Bristol
John Davey 9, son, St.Paul’s Bristol
Elizabeth Hayward 21, niece unmarried, dressmaker, St.Thomas Bristol
Harriett Smith 33, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset

Census 1871.

Hester Davey 53, head widow, licenced victualler, Somerset Blagdon
Thomas John Davey 22, son unmarried, brewer, St.Paul’s Bristol
Elizabeth C. Davey 21, daughter unmarried, bar assistant, St.Paul’s Bristol
John C. Davey 19, son unmarried, tailor’s assistant, St.Paul’s Bristol
Emma Hiscock 33, servant widow, domestic servant, Somerset Yatton

Census 1881.

Hester Davey 63, head widow, publican, Bleadon Somerset
Theofilus Ford 28, son in law married, leather merchant, Bristol
Elizabeth C. Ford 29, daughter married, assistant, Bristol
Elizabeth M. Jenkings 16, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

John C. Davey 39, head married, victualler, Bristol
Mary J. Davey 35, wife married, St.David’s Glastonbury
Alice Birt 21, single, barmaid, St.Daviid’s Glastonbury
Sophia Barclay 29, boarder married, Singapore Straights Settlement
Willie Barclay 4, son, Singapore Straights Settlement
John Bowrey 36, married, carpenter, Bristol
Julia Bowrey 36, married, general servant, Bristol
Dorcus Bowrey 4, daughter, Bristol

Census 1901.

Maria Williams 52, head widow, licensed victualler, Dodbrook Devon
Millicent Williams 22, daughter single, Bristol
Winifred Williams 20, daughter single, draper’s assistant, Bristol
Florence Williams 18, daughter single, Bristol
William Williams 17, son single, clerk floor cloth manufacturers
Benigma Thomas 86, mother widow, Lechlade Gloucestershire

Census 1911.

Frank Bishop 39, head widower, licensee, St.Paul’s Bristol
Violet Bishop 12, daughter, St.Paul’s Bristol
B. A. Maud Bishop 9, daughter St.Paul’s Bristol
Mrs H. Tarr 42, sister widow, St.Paul’s Bristol