Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Cat & Wheel Castle Green

1752. William Davridge
1775. Gabriel Rymer
1792. Joseph Newman
1806. John Nickless
1816. George Parker
1820. William Meredith
1822 – 29. John England
1830 to 1831. John Rogers
1832 to 1834. Thomas Spiring
1835. John Reed
1836 to 1837. George Meatyard
1838 to 1849. George Hedges
1850 to 1852. Charles Cowper
1853 to 1855. Joseph Abbott
1856 to 1862. Richard Nash
1863 to 1867. George Knight
1868 to 1879. George Webber
1879 to 1885. Mary Ann Webber
1886 to 1889. William Thomas
1890 to 1894. Francis Treasure
1895 to 1902. William Beavis
1903 to 1908. George Couzens
1909 to 1913. Henry William Charles
1914. William Tregarthen
1915 to 1939. Frederick Eagles
1940 – 53. Dorothy Christina Thorne
1956. John Steavenson
1960. H. G. King

On the corner with Little Peter Street. standing in 1606 the Cat & Wheel was re-built in 1900, some bits & pieces were salvaged and are now housed in the Bristol City Museum. The later building was demolished in 1969 for a new museum complex which was never built. If standing today it would be in Castle Park just opposite the entrance to the Galleries car park in Newgate. The name above the door in the older picture is W.T. Beavis which dates it to around the time of the inn’s demolition.

Bristol Museum

Census 1841.

George Hedges 35, licensed victualler, born in county
Ann Hedges 30, born in county
George Hedges 8, born in county
Ann Hedges 7, born in county
Ellen Hedges 5, born in county
Mary Williams 15, servant, born in county
Ann Myers 20, servant, born in county
William Biggs 40, servant, born in county
Richard Dobney 20, tallow chandler, not born in county
William Crickley 20, not born in county
John Collingworth 20, engine maker, not born in county
Edmund Given 20, engine maker, not born in county
William Hurley 40, hatter, ireland
William Hurley 18, hatter, ireland
Josiah Herriott ? 30, engineer, not born in county
Josiah Marwell 20, engineer, not born in county

Census 1851.

Charles Cowper 35, head married, licensed vict. Bristol St.Peters
Catherine Cowper 40, wife married, Bridgend
kate Cowper 12, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Stephen’s
William Cowper 9, son scholar, Bristol St.Stephen’s
Evan Cowper 8, son scholar, Bristol St.James
William Pollet 23, Visitor, Hatter, Stockport
James Mallard 44, Visitor, Hatter, Yarmouth
Golden Partridge 33, Visitor, Artist – Painter, Surrey
William Ogbourne 23, Servant, Man Servant, Bristol St Paul’s
Margaret O’Keith 24, Servant, Ireland Cork

Census 1861.

Richard Nash 37, head married, victualler, Hereford
Elizabeth Nash 35, wife married, Worcestershire
Richard Nash 3, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Nash 4, daughter, Bristol
Kate Nash 2, daughter, Bristol
Alice Nash 3 months, Bristol
Sarah Phillips 69, mother in law widow, Worcestershire
Mary Williams 23, servant unmarried, servant, Wales
Ellen Robertson 14, servant, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Frank Fortune 14, servant, Wiltshire
Daniel De La Rue 42, lodger married, compositor, London
Alfred Porter 39, lodger unmarried, compositor, London
William Matthews 22, lodger married, house joiner, Bath

Census 1871.

George H. Webber 46, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Mary A. Webber 43, wife married, London
Emma Webber 14, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edward Webber 7, son scholar, Bristol
Mary Ann Webber 2, daughter, Bristol
Ann Webber 46, sister in law widow, dress maker, Birmingham
Elizabeth Warren 23, servant unmarried, Bristol
Charles Rogers 45, lodger unmarried, labourer, Bristol

Census 1881.

Mary Ann Webber 53, head widow, licensed victualler, London, Middlesex
Emma Schofield Webber 23, daughter unmarried, St.Nicholas Bristol
Edward Webber 17, son unmarried, lithographic draughtsman, St.Stephens Bristol
Mary Ann Webber 12, daughter scholar, St.Peters Bristol
Elizabeth Warren 29, servant unmarried, domestic servant, St.Philip’s Bristol

Census 1891.

Francis J. Treasure 41, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset
Elizabeth Treasure 47, wife married, Scotland Sorbie
William Graham 25, step son single, engineers draughsman, Gloucestershire St.George
James Graham 23, step son single, clerk, Gloucestershire St.George
Janet E. Graham 17, step daughter, Gloucestershire St.George
Helena Glenham 29, servant single, barmaid, Middlesex London

Census 1901.

William T. Beavis 57, head married, pub landlord, Bristol
Kate Brookman 27, daughter widow, housekeeper, Bristol
Walter H. Beavis 22, son single, jeweller (gold) Bristol
Frederick R. Beavis 21, son single, barman, Bristol
Bessie Tye 22, servant single, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Wooton under edge

Census 1911.

Henry William Charles 38, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.Philip’s
Rosina Harriett Charles 36, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol St.Philip’s
Ethel May Charles 14, daughter, school, Bristol St.Philip’s
Henry William Charles 12, son, school, Bristol St.Philip’s