Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Dolphin Marlborough Street

1806. William Nash
1816. Thomas Thomas
1820 – 22. Catherine Baker
1823 – 28. William Roberts
1830 – 34. James Marson
1837 – 40. Samuel Hatherly
1841 to 1849. James Hatherly
1850 to 1852. Joseph Morgan
1853 to 1855. Edward Green
1856. Solomon Munday
1857. Thomas Moor
1859 – 61. Charles Clark
1863. Philip Pile
1866 – 69. Philip Lewis
1871. George Marshfield
1872 to 1875. George Hitchcock
1876 to 1883. John Edwards
1884. Charles Emery
1884 to 1888. George Wigens
1889 to 1911. Daniel Emery

Situated opposite the old Infirmary, the Dolphin was pulled down to make way for the new Bristol Royal Infirmary which opened in 1912. The picture shows landlord Daniel Emery and son Daniel, outside the Dolphin, shortly before it was demolished.

Census 1841.

James Hatherly 30, publican, not born in county
Jane Harris 25, not born in county
Henry Harris 4, not born in county
Elizabeth Bartlett 20, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

Joseph Morgan 60, head married, licensed victualler, Flintshire Holywell
Deborah Morgan 49, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Gloucestershire St.George
Emma Radford 17, niece unmarried, barmaid, Staffordshire Stourport
Mary Riddle 23, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol St.Philip’s
Daniel Radford 24, nephew unmarried, brewer, Staffordshire Stourport

Census 1861.

Charles Clark 39, Father married, publican, Rodden Frome Somerset
Mariah Clark 40, Mother married, Rodden Frome Somerset

Census 1871.
Incorrectly listed as the Duke of Marlborough

George Marshfield 31, head married, publican, Somerset Wookey
Mary A. Marshfield 26, wife married, Suffolk Ipswich
Julia Davis 18, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol St.James’
John Jones 21, lodger unmarried, house carpenter, Glamorganshire Mumbles

Census 1881.

John Edwards 52, head married, licensed victualler, Brecon Llangney
Caroline Edwards 34, wife married, licensed victualler’s wife, Gloucestershire Henbury

Census 1891.

Daniel Emery 37, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Ottery
Lydia Emery 40, wife married, Devon Culmstock
Alfred Emery 14, son, works at home, Bristol St.Philip’s
William Emery 12, son, milk boy, Bristol St.Philip’s
Fred Emery 10, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Edwin Emery 6, son scholar, Bristol St.Philip’s
Gilbert Emery 3, son, Bristol St.George

Census 1901.

Daniel Emery 47, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Ottery
Lydia Ellen Emery 51, wife married, Culmstock Devon
Francis James Emery 20, son single, barman. Bristol
Arthur Edwin Emery 16, son single, Bristol
Gilbert John Emery 13, son, Bristol
Daniel Emery 9, son, Bristol

Census 1911.

Daniel Emery 57, head married, publican, Othery Somerset
Ethel Gertrude Emery 35, wife married, Bristol
Daniel Emery 19, son single, Bristol