Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Drawbridge Hotel St.Augustine’s Parade

Bristol Records Office

1871 – 82 John Ullathorne
1882. Emma Ullathorne
1884 – 95. Arthur Brown
1896 – 1924. Mary Ann Brown
1927 – 37. Charles Crawford
1943. Walter Loader
1949. – 53 Reginald Bishop
1956. Percival J. Creed
1975. G. P. Bullock (manager)

John Ullathorne was also a public accountant and auctioneer. More recently known as the Horn & Trumpet or as locals refered to it the Horny Strumpet, now the Drawbridge Hotel again. The picture shows the Drawbridge in 1906.

Census 1871.
16 & 17 St.Augustine’s Parade

John Ullathorn 42, head married, licensed victualler, Selby Yorkshire
Emma Ullathorn 50, wife married, Bedfordshire
Thomas W. Ullathorn 17, son unmarried, railway clerk, Bristol
Caroline Brown 22, niece unmarried, Cambridgeshire
Abraham Clements 54, visitor widower, stamp office clerk, Newport Monmouthshire
Adeline Williams 19, servant unmarried, barmaid, Bristol
Mary A. Price 25, servant unmarried, waitress, Worcester
Martha Wright 57, servant widow, cook, Bristol
Emily Dennis 18, servant unmarried, kitchen maid, Birmingham
Albert Wildgoose 17, servant unmarried, boots, Bristol

Census 1881.

John Ullathorne 50, head married, licensed victualler, Selby Yorkshire
Emma Ullathorne 58, wife married, Biggleswade Bedfordshire
Georgina May 23, assistant unmarried, barmaid, Parkhold Herefordshire
Mary Smith 23, servant unmarried, domestic cook, Wiveliscombe Somerset
Mary Jane Rawlings 25, servant unmarried, waitress, Dyrham Gloucestershire
John Cronan 18, servant unmarried, boots, Clapham Surrey
Charles Farning 30, boarder unmarried, commercial traveller, Dublin Ireland

Census 1891.

Arthur Brown 35, head married, licensed victualler, Cambridge All Saints
Mary A. Brown 36, wife married, London Marylebone
Ethel M. Brown 14, daughter scholar, London Marylebone
Francis Brown 9, son scholar, London Marylebone
Evelyn Brown 7, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Augustine’s
Elizabeth Hill 37, assistant single, barmaid, Westbury on Trym
Margaret Foans 38, assistant, domestic servant
Edith M. Brown 23, servant single, domestic servant, Bream Gloucestershire
P. Jones 17, servant single, boots, Bristol
Mira Beaird 19, servant single, barmaid, Bournemouth Dorset
Albert Gay 23, single, Abson Parish Gloucestershire
Thomas Biggin 25, single, Gedney Derbyshire

Census 1901.

Mary Ann Brown 46, head widow, licensed victualler & hotel proprietress, London Marylebone
Francis A. Brown 19, son single, shorthand clerk, London Marylebone
Evelyn L. Brown 17, daughter single, Bristol
Ada E. Rodbourne 27, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Eva M. Kerby 21, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Margaret Evans 32, servant single, domestic cook, Somerset Paulton
Beatrice Williams 21, servant single, chambermaid, Gloucestershire Cheltenham
Arthur Hedges 16, servant single, boots, Bristol

Census 1911.

Mary Ann Brown 56, head widow, hotel proprietress, London Marylebone
Evelyn Liley Msall 27, daughter married, Bristol
Marjorie Evelyn May Msall 6, granddaughter, Bristol Clifton
Stephanie Hope Msall 3, granddaughter, Bristol Clifton
Sarah Jane Heath 51, servant widow, hotel cook, Devizes Wiltshire
Gertrude Liliy Hodge 23, servant single, hotel assistant, Tickenham Somerset
George Henry Ball 26, servant single, hotel boots, Lewisham Kent

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Drawbridge had 17 rooms.