Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Eglinton Arms Upper Maudlin Street

Sea Horse
1794. Ann Edwards
1806 – 16. Henry Thomas
1820 – 23. William Watts
1826. Robert Allen
1830 Thomas Dyer
1831 to 1832. John Bidgood
1833 to 1934. George Gilbert Cocks
1834 – 42. Reuben W. Pain
1844. George Savage
1849 – 51. John Fry Bidgood
1851. Augusta Bidgood
1852. John Charles Mitchell

Eglinton Arms
1853 to 1860. John Charles Mitchell
1861 to 1863. Caleb Edwin Goode
1864 to 1873. James Jones Warren
1874 to 1877. Isaac Jefferies
1878 to 1891. Henry Burt
1892 to 1893. Henry Bryant
1894. Alfred Williams
1895 to 1896. William Charleston
1897 to 1909. Ben Powell
1910 to 1912. Frederick Pullen
1913. Albert Cole
1914 to 1921. Albert Webb
1922 – 47. Walter Warriner
1950 – 56. Victor Bracey
1960. Arthur G. Caines

Sea Horse
1975. A. R. Sheppard

Bristol Records Office

Reuben W. Pain and John Fry Bidgood are listed as landlords of the Sea Horse and Royal Tennis Court. In 1853 the pub was listed as the Eglinton Arms and racket court, it is still standing but no longer a pub

Census 1841.

Reuben Pain 35, publican, born in county
Rebecca Pain 30, born in county
Reuben Pain 6, born in county
George Pain 5, born in county
Henry Pain 3, born in county
Alford Pain 1, born in county

Census 1851.

Augusta Bidgood 38, head widow, publican, Coaley Gloucestershire
Louisa Bidgood 17, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Bristol
Ellen Augusta Bidgood 15, daughter unmarried, milliner, Bristol
Mary Ann Bidgood 13, daughter, Bristol
William L. Bidgood 11, son, Bristol
Fanny Bidgood 9, daughter, Bristol
Emily Matilda Bidgood 1, daughter, Bristol
Eliza Lewis 28, visitor unmarried, milliner, Oldbury Gloucestershire

Census 1861.

Caleb Goode 30, head married, licensed victualler, Surrey Tooting
Mary A. Goode 26, wife married, Devon Ide
William E. Goode 1, son, Bristol
Ann Martin 15, servant unmarried, servant, Somerset Wedmore

Census 1871.

James Jones Warren 37, head married, licensed victualler, Somersetshire Calcott
Martha Warren 36, wife married, Somersetshire Bathford
James Alfred Warren 7, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
Ada Olive Warren 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Kate Smith 19, assistant unmarried, barmaid, Somersetshire Taunton
Thomas Shapcott 15, servant, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1881.

Henry Burt 41, head married, publican, St.Philip’s Bristol
Annie Burt 38, wife married, assistant, Wicklow Ireland
Bessie Thomas 26, niece unmarried, barmaid, Liverpool
Eliza Newman 17, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Westbury Wiltshire

Census 1891.

Henry Burt 50, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bristol
Ann Burt 57, wife married, Ireland
Sarah A. Sparks 34, servant single, general domestic servant, Devon Sidmouth
Charity A. Sparks 26, servant single, general domestic servant, Devon Sidmouth

Census 1901.

Ben Powell 46, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Emily Powell 43, wife married, Crediton Devon
Charles E. Powell 22, son single, machine ruler, Bristol
Wilfred O. Powell 16, son single, sign writer, Bristol
Gertrude E. Powell 12, daughter, Bristol
Leslie B. Powell 6, son, Bristol
Charles H. Westaway 27, brother in law single, tailor trimmer, Bristol
Louisa Westaway 36, sister in law single, Bristol

Census 1911.

Frederick Sidney Pullen 30, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Elsie Emma Pullen 31, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol
Elsie Elizabeth Pullen 2½, daughter, Sutton Coldfield Warwickshire
Lily Miles 20, servant single, general domestic servant, Bristol