Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Foresters’ Arms Upper Maudlin Street

1847 – 55. Thomas Henry Fellew
1856 to 1857. William Hovey
1858 – 63. Richard Belcher
1865 – 83. Thomas Belcher
1885 – 96. John Coffin
1897 – 1901. David Clothier
1904 – 33. Edward Rudman

This picture has been cropped from a postcard showing the funeral procession of J. S. Fry in 1913, this is now the site of the Bristol Royal Infirmary. Thomas Fellew was also a furniture dealer. When the Foresters’ Arms closed in 1933 Edward Rudman moved to the Friendship pub in Knowle

Census 1851.

Henry Fellew 47, head married, beer house keeper & broker, Devon Teignmouth
Mary Ann 46, wife married, broker’s wife, Somerset Wellington
Charles Fellew 20, son unmarried, cordwainer, Bristol St.Nicholas
William Fellew 16, son to head unmarried, broker, Bristol St.Nicholas

Census 1861.

Richard Belsher 55, head unmarried, publican, Monmouthshire Caerleon

Census 1871.

Thomas Belcher 30, head married, stationer, Monmouthshire Caerleon
Elizabeth Belcher 29, wife married, Monmouthshire Caerleon
Sarah Belcher 9, daughter scholar, Monmouthshire Caerleon
Thomas Belcher 7, son scholar, Monmouthshire Pontypool
Elizabeth Belcher 5, daughter scholar, City & County of Bristol
George M. Belcher 3, son scholar, City & County of Bristol
Bridget Belcher 1, daughter, City & County of Bristol
Cornelius Bishop 28, boarder unmarried, horse collar maker, Staffordshire Walsall

Census 1881.

Thomas Belcher 40, head married, painter, Monmouthshire Caerleon
Elizabeth Belcher 39, wife married, Monmouthshire Caerleon
Thomas Belcher 17, son unmarried, labourer, Monmouthshire Pontypool
George M. Belcher 13, son scholar, Bristol
Bridget Belcher 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Lillian Lucretia Belcher 9, daughter scholar, Bristol
Edward Omega Belcher 7, son scholar, Bristol
William F. Belcher 5, son scholar, Bristol
Mary A. Belcher 3, daughter, Bristol
Flora B. Belcher 11 months, daughter, Bristol

Census 1891.

John Coffin 39, head married, beer retailer, Dorset Melbury
Emily Coffin 25, wife married, Dorset Melbury
Rose Coffin 6, daughter, Dorset Melbury

Census 1901.

David Clothier 58, head married, publican, Somerset
Mary Clothier 42, wife married, Bristol
Alice Clothier 26, daughter single, Bristol
Fred Clothier 24, son single, distillery labourer, Bristol
Maud Clothier 13, daughter, Bristol
Netha Clothier 10, daughter, Bristol
Nellie Clothier 8, daughter, Bristol
Ivy Clothier 6, daughter, Bristol
Ella Williams 35, boarder single, tailor’s machinist, Bristol
Clara Millard 59, servant single, laundress, Bristol

Census 1911.

Edward Henry Rudman 34, head married, publican formerly ship’s steward, Bristol
Emma Elizabeth Rudman 31, wife married, Bristol
Edward Rudman 11, son, school, Bristol
Lilly Rudman 9, daughter, school, Bristol
Minnie Rudman 7, daughter, school, Bristol
Denis Rudman 5, son, school, Bristol
Kate Boley 30, servant single, Blagdon Somerset