Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Friendship St.George’s Road

1832 – 44. William Matthews
1848 – 53. Ann Matthews
1854 – 56. Edward Fenn
1861. ? Cosham
1865 – 77. Thomas Silcocks
1879. William Silcocks
1881 – 88. Emily Kendle
1889. William Williams
1891 – 1901. Mary Ann Prigg

On the site that was to become the home of the Cathedral Garage for many years, this area has since been re-developed with the building of luxury flats and apartments. Through the gate in the picture was a flight of steps leading down to the Old Thatched House Tavern in Anchor Lane.

Census 1841.

William Matthews 50, publican, not born in county
Ann Matthews 50, not born in county
Ann Matthews 20, not born in county

Census 1851.

Ann Matthews 30, head unmarried, publican, Bristol
William Ranks 23, brother in law married, farrier, Bristol
Sarah Ranks 26, sister married, farriers wife, Bristol
Martha Phillips 75, Aunt Widow, Pembrokeshire
Kate Phillips 12, cousin scholar, Bristol

Census 1871.

Thomas Silcocks 57, head married, pork butcher, Wiltshire North Badley
Emma Silcocks 58, wife married, Bristol
Emma Silcocks 22, daughter unmarried, dressmaker, Bristol
Henry Silcocks 20, son unmarried, general servant, Bristol
Edward Skinner 23, lodger unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

Emily Kendle 36, head married, innkeeper, Jersey
Frank Kendle 5, son, Bristol
Mabel Kendle 2, daughter, Bristol
Agnes Baldwin 22, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol
George Gotsell 19, lodger unmarried, butcher, Chippenham

Census 1891.

Mary A. Prigg 27, head widow, innkeeper, Evertree Devon
Alfred J. Prigg 13, son scholar, Devonport
Elizabeth M. Prigg 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
George A. Prigg 7, son scholar, Clifton
Charles Reed 23, boarder married, boot clicker, Bristol
Mary A. Reed 24, boarder married, Bristol
Charles W. Reed 11 months, boarder, Bristol