Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Hatchet Inn Frogmore Street

1752 – 55. John Lane
1764 – 75. Samuel Maddock
1792 – 1806. Sarah Saunders
1811. William Ham
1816 – 22. John Tanner
1823 – 26. Martha Tanner
1828 – 31. James Hamilton
1832 – 44. Michael Green
1848 – 56. James Gibbard
1856 to 1884. John Lewis Loveridge
1884 to 1894. Mary Ann Loveridge
1894 to 1934. Susannah Loveridge
1934 – 53. Frederick Burt
1956. Ernest H. Stockford
1975. R. W. Andrews (manager)

Built in 1606 the Hatchet is still trading and is structurally Bristol’s oldest pub. Pictured here around 1920 the plastered frontage was later removed to reveal the ornate 17th century timberwork still on show to-day. On the 31st October 1934, Miss Susannah Loveridge moved out of the Hatchet and Frederick Burt moved in, what follows is the inventory of trade furniture, utensils in trade, and stock in trade at the Hatchet at the time of transfer.

The Hatchet pictured in December 1979 ©Dennis Brice

Smoke Room.
5 Horseshoe smoking chairs
1 Windsor armchair
1 Armchair (wooden seat)
2 Bentwood chairs
3 Metal base, mahogany top, circular tables
1 Circular settee in rexine
Anthracite stove and kerb
Linoleum as laid
Chimney glass in gilt frame

2 Forms Covered in rexine
1 Seat in rexine
Metal base mahogany top, bar table
Chimney glass in mahogany frame
Iron fender guard
Bentwood revolving stool
Linoleum as laid
7 Optic measures
“Unique” cork drawer
Copper tinned funnel and holder
6 Enamel drip bowls
3 Pewter spirit measures

Passage & Kitchen.
Linoleum as laid
3 Cocoa mats

Front Room (1st Floor).
Linoleum as laid

Back Room (1st Floor).
Linoleum as laid

25 only, ½ pint glass cups
46 only, beer glasses
16 only, pint glass cups
22 only, beer glasses
4 only, ponies
12 only, stem grogs
20 only, stem wines
The stock of wines, spirits, beers and tobacco

Susannah Loveridge with her sister Mary

John Lewis Loveridge

We value the trade furniture, utensils in trade and the wet & dry stock comprised in the foregoing inventory at the sum of eighty seven pounds, five shillings and eleven pence … £87. 5. 11

Charles A. Tricks & Son
Licensed Auctioneers & valuers
Gresham Chambers & Auction Mart
18 St.Nicholas Street
Bristol 1.

N.B. The apportionments of rates and license etc amounted to £19. 4. 7

Census 1841.

Michael Green 40, publican, not born in county
Jane Green 35, not born in county
Jane Green 6, born in county
Jane Wilmot 15, born in county
Martha Reed 25, servant, born in county
Joseph Buckingham 20, ostler, not born in county
William Smith 13, servant, not born in county
F. G. Camroux 30, joiner, not born in county

Census 1851.

James Gibbard 36, head married, innkeeper & Postmaster, Oxford
Georgina Gibbard 34, wife married, Highclere Hampshire
George Gibbard 7, son scholar, Clifton
Emma G. Gibbard 3, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mary Hilliar 30, visitor unmarried, Bedminster Somerset
Prudence M. Whitelock 14, servant, house servant, Bedminster Somerset
Thomas Greenaway 29, servant unmarried, ostler, Wellingford Berkshire
Mary Barnes 25, servant unmarried, house servant, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Census 1861.

John Lewis Loveridge 32,* head married, publican and coach maker, Bristol
Mary Loveridge 24, wife married, Castle Coomb Wiltshire
Susannah Loveridge 2, daughter, Bristol
John Loveridge 60, father widower, Chard Somersetshire
John Hitchcock 19, brother in law unmarried, coach maker, Castle Coomb Wiltshire
Ellen Hitchcock 22, sister in law unmarried, Castle Coomb Wiltshire
Emma Stevens 22, servant unmarried, house servant Bristol
* John Lewis Loveridge was born November 16th 1829, about ¼ before 6 o’clock in the morning.

Census 1871.

John L. Loveridge 42, head married, coach builder and innkeeper, Bristol Clifton
Mary A. B. Loveridge 36, wife married, Wiltshire Castle Coombe
Susy Loveridge 12, daughter scholar, Bristol St.Augustine
John Loveridge 8, son scholar, Bristol St.Augustine
Mary Loveridge 3, daughter, Bristol St.Augustine
Elizabeth Elms 19, servant, domestic servant, Wiltshire Pickwick

Census 1881.
Wrongly recorded as the Horse & Jockey

John Loveridge 52, head married, hotel keeper, Clifton
Mary Loveridge 47, wife married, Wiltshire Castle Combe
Elizabeth Loveridge 23, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Susanna Loveridge 22, daughter unmarried, Bristol
John Loveridge 18, son unmarried, Bristol
Mary Loveridge 13, daughter, Bristol
Sarah Hyde 26, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Somerset Backwell

Census 1891.

Mary B. Loveridge 54, head widow, licensed victualler, Castle Comb Wiltshire
Elizabeth Loveridge 33, daughter single, Bristol
Susanna Loveridge 32, daughter single, Bristol
John Loveridge 28, son single, Bristol
Sarah Walker 18, servant single, domestic servant, Chippenham Wiltshire

Census 1901.

Susannah Loveridge 41, head single, licensed victualler, Bristol
John Loveridge 38, brother single, assists in bar (barman) Bristol
Elizabeth Loveridge 42, sister single, no occupation, Bristol
John B. Cole 12, nephew, Bristol
Kate Ray 36, servant single, general domestic servant, Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Census 1911.

S. Ellen Mary Loveridge 52, head single, licensed victualler, Bristol
Frank Loveridge 48, brother single, assistant, Bristol
Jennes Cole 22, nephew single, carpenter, Bristol
Blanche Cole 21, niece single, no occupation, Bristol
Harriett Bennett 45, servant single, domestic servant, Taunton