Bristol’s Lost Pubs

King David Upper Maudlin Street

Bristol’s Lost Pubs collection

At the bottom of St.Michael’s Hill, the building pictured above was pulled down and re-built in red and yellow brick in 1893, to a design by architect William Gingell, he also designed the Crown & Dove in Bridewell Street, and was co-architect of the award winning Bristol general hospital. The King David is standing today but no longer a pub, having closed in February 1976. In this picture the name above the door is George Ingram.

1752. Mrs. Williams
1755. Widow Williams
1764. Robert Williams
1792. Joseph Stephens
1794. William Pritchard
1806 – 16. George White
1820. Frances Turner
1822. William Hooper
1823 – 30. James Highman
1833 – 37. Ann Highman
1839 – 40. Matthew Pomphrey
1841 to 1858. Robert Adams
1858 – 60. Mary Lockley
1861 – 69. Ann Willey
1871 – 79. Ann Willey & William Cates
1881 – 89. William Cates
1891. Rose Cates
1891. William West (manager)
1892 – 94. George Ingram
1896 – 99. Robert Gibbons
1901 – 38. Stephen George Gibbons
1944. William King
1950. Arthur McGill
1953 – 76. Alfred William McGill jnr.

Census 1841.

Robert Adams 30, publican, not born in county
Mary Adams 30, not born in county
Maria Adams 8, not born in county
Thomas Adams 5, not born in county
Caroline Adams 3, not born in county
George Adams 1, not born in county
Thomasin Adams 55, not born in county
Sarah Burke 15, servant, not born in county
James Cantell 55, servant, not born in county
Anna Cantell 50, not born in county
Edward Butler 45, born in county
Sarah Butler 30, not born in county

Census 1851.

Robert Adams 43, head married, inn keeper, Whitchurch Devon
Marianne Adams 43, wife married, Walkhampton Devon
Maria Adams 17, daughter unmarried, Cornwall
Thomasine Adams 15, daughter scholar, Devon
Caroline Adams 13, daughter scholar, Bitton
George Adams 11, son scholar, Brislington
Frederick Adams 7, son scholar, Bristol
Alfred Adams 6, son scholar, Bristol
William Adams 38, visitor unmarried, Mason, Devon
Caroline Phillips 36, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol
William Lewis 80, visitor widower, yeoman, Wiltshire

Census 1861.

Ann Willey 42, head widow, inn keeper, Bristol
James Willey 20, son unmarried, optician, Bristol
Ann Willey 17, daughter unmarried, Bristol
William Chaplin 36, servant unmarried, Maltster, Bristol
Ann Ridler 48, servant widow, house servant, Bristol

Census 1871.

William Cates 34, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Ann Willey 53, mother in law widow, licensed victualler, Bristol
Ann Cates 27, wife married, Bristol
Ann Cates 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
Rose Cates 7, daughter scholar, Bristol
William Cates 5, son scholar, Bristol
Ada Cates 3, daughter scholar, Bristol
John Cates 2, son, Bristol
Kate Cates 3 months, daughter, Bristol
William Chaplin 49, servant unmarried, servant ostler, Bristol
Sarah Humphries 28, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Middlesex London
Caroline Beacham 19, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1881.

William Cates 44, head married, Licensed Victualler, Bristol
Ann H. Cates 37, wife married, Bristol
Ann A. Cates 18, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Rose E. Cates 18, daughter unmarried, Apprentice Milliner, Bristol
William G. Cates 15, Son, Bristol
Ada L. Cates 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
John W.Cates 11, son scholar, Bristol
Kate M. Cates 10, daughter scholar, Bristol
Bessie Cates 2, daughter, Bristol
Samuel Manning 37, servant unmarried, ostler (inn), Bristol
Lydia Lamb 21, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Swansea Glamorganshire

Census 1891.

William T. West 30, head married, manager of public house, London
Mary A. West 28, wife married, manageress of public house, Bristol
Elizabeth E. West 9, daughter, Bristol
Florence E. West 7, daughter, Bristol
William H. West 6, son, Bristol
Susan M. West 3, daughter, Bristol
Elizabeth West 58, mother widow, ironer laundress, Saffron Waldron
William Broad 32, servant single, ostler, Australia
Kate Knowlson 23, single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Stephen George Gibbons 29, head married, licensed victualler, Somersetshire Pilton
Lucy Gibbons 25, wife married, Gloucestershire Filton
Lucy Nora Gibbons 2, daughter, Bristol St.Michael’s
Hartie Nellie Gibbons 1, daughter, Bristol St.Michael’s
Alice Edith Mary Griffith 21, servant single, chamber maid domestic, Somersetshire Bathampton
Annie Emmiline Dart 27, servant single, kitchen maid domestic, Bristol St.Paul’s
Arthur John Tiley 25, servant single, ostler groom, Gloucestershire Filton

Census 1911.

Stephen George Gibbons 39, head married, hotel proprietor, Pilton Somerset
Lucy Gibbons 35, wife married, assisting in the business, Filton Gloucestershire
Hartie Nellie Gibbons 10, daughter school, St.Michael’s Bristol
Lillian Mary Gibbons 8, daughter school, St.Michael’s Bristol
Patty Georgina Gibbons 7, daughter school, St.Michael’s Bristol
Jennie Boyce Gibbons 5, daughter school, St.Michael’s Bristol
Marjery Gibbons 3, daughter, St.Michael’s Bristol
George James Gibbons 1, son, St.Michael’s Bristol
Albert George Williams 21, servant single, ostler and general work in hotel, St.Michael’s Bristol
Olive Miles 16, servant single, kitchen maid in hotel, Bedminster Bristol
Criss Cox 22, servant single, housemaid in hotel, Easton Bristol