Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Llandoger Trow King Street

1752 – 75. John Jones
1792. James Jones
1800. Margaret Davis
1806. James Baker
1816 – 22. Nathaniel Ricketts
1823 to 1829. George James Paris
1830 to 1831. Mary Ball
1832 to 1837. George Phipps
1838. Ann Phipps
1839 to 1844. Henry W. Thayer
1845 to 1853. Benjamin Lewis
1854 to 1863. Diana Lewis
1864. C. Morris
1865 to 1867. Maria Morris
1868. Mary Clark
1869. John Dalton
1870. Mary Hamlyn
1871 to 1885. Thomas Daniel (capt.)
1886. T. Davies
1887 to 1896. Emma Couzens
1897 to 1912. Emma Louisa Dickman
1914 to 1915. Albert Martin
1916 – 17. Lily Lavenia Moon
1919. Gertrude May Mills
1921. Robert Mills
1923. Wraight & Pullen
1924 to 1926. Edgar Moth
1927. Walter Adams
1928. – 32. Edward Morrison
1934 – 38. William Reynolds
1939 – 50. Charles Hatchman
1953 – 56. Victor Cue
1975. M. R. Thorpe (manager)

Built in 1664 the Llandoger occupied the right hand gable in this rank of five, the second section from the left was once a tavern named the Goat. In the November blitz of 1940 the two gables at the left suffered severe bomb damage and were removed. The three remaining buildings were bought by Berni Inns in 1962 and converted into a pub/restaurant. To prevent the building from collapsing during the renovation, a steel frame was inserted supported by piles sunk to a depth of 43 feet. The Llandoger is still trading.

Census 1841.

Henry Thayer 38, victualler, not born in county
Ann Thayer 45, not born in county
Harriett Fryer 21, servant, not born in county
Fanny Ford 30, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

Benjamin Lewis 48, head married, licensed victualler, Alvington Gloucestershire
Diana Lewis 46, wife married, Portsmouth
George Maskell 50, lodger married, Traveller, West Morton Essex
Ann Maskell 48, wife married, Alvington Glocestershire
Mary Ann Morgan ?5, Visitor, Bristol
John Wookey 18, Servant unmarried, Boots, Bristol
Mary Ann Adams, Servant unmarried, Cook, Somerset St Georges

Census 1861.

Diana Lewis 50, head widow, licensed victualler, Hampshire Portsmouth
Mary Ann Smith 22, servant unmarried, Gloucestershire Taynton
Harriett Davey 24, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Workington

Census 1871.

Elizabeth Daniel 37, wife married, innkeeper’s wife, Cornwall St.Ives
Kate Hodge Paynter 22, sister unmarried, barmaid, Cornwall St.Ives
Minnie Daniel 12, daughter, Cornwall St.Ives
Thomas Daniel 10, son, Cornwall St.Ives
Kate Daniel 8, daughter, Cornwall St.Ives
Elizabeth Daniel 5, daughter, Cornwall St.Ives
John Daniel 1, son, Cornwall St.Ives
Eliza Toman 22, servant unmarried, Cornwall St.Ives
Ann Toman 18, servant unmarried, housemaid, Cornwall St.Ives
Richard Paynter 35, brother in law married, master mariner, Cornwall St.Ives

Census 1881.

Elizabeth Daniel 47, head married, hotel keeper, Cornwall St.Ives
Mary McFee 22, daughter married, Cornwall St.Ives
Catherine H. Daniel 18, daughter unmarried, Cornwall St.Ives
Elizabeth Daniel 15, daughter, Cornwall St.Ives
Susan Daniel 9, daughter scholar, Cornwall St.Ives
William Daniel 1 month, grandson, Bristol
Ann Toman 24, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Cornwall St.Ives
Emma Cowper 55, servant widow, monthly nurse, Bristol
Ellen Sly 29, visitor unmarried, draper’s assistant, Cornwall St.Ives

Census 1891.

Alice Jane Couzens 30, single, hotel keeper, Bristol
Lizzie Hadley 35, visitor widow, Bristol
Jane Scott 31, servant single, domestic servant, Bridgend

Census 1901.

William Dickman 60, head married, mariner, Germany (foriegn subject)
Emma Louisa Dickman 44, wife married, licensee, Clifton
Lillie Toogood 29, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Cora Samson 19, servant single, barmaid, Yatton Somerset

Census 1911.

Emma Louise Dickman 56, head widow, licensed victualler, Clifton Bristol
Louise Annie Toogood 37, servant single, barmaid, Bristol