Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Museum Tavern Museum Avenue

1867 – 68. William Davis
1869. John Loosemore
1871. James Gahan
1871 to 1872 John Plant
1872 to 1874. ? Mayer
1874 to 1876. John Jacob Good
1877 to 1878. James Passmore
1879 to 1880. Sarah Wagner
1881. Eliza Bridges
1882. John Henry Bridges
1883 – 1906. William Folland
1909. Mary Ann Folland
1911. Frederick George White
1914 – 17. Harry Brown
1921. Phoebe Ann Rose
1925 – 31. Alfred James
1935. Frederick Barber

Hanmer’s Buildings down the left of Museum Avenue, as seen from Park Street before 1870. The tavern (with gas lamp) can be seen half way down. The building to the right is now the Masonic Hall but was once the museum from which the pub took its name. The pub went in 1936 when St.George’s Road was extended into Park Street.

Census 1871.

John Plant 43, head married, beer house keeper, Northamptonshire Grafton
Jane Plant 38, wife married, Bristol
Augusta Cook 66, widow, charwoman, Bristol

Census 1881.

Eliza Bridges 22, head wife married, publican, Bristol St George (Husband at Lydney)
Minnie A. Bridges 1, daughter, Bristol St George
At the time of the census John Henry Bridges, a 22 year old engine fitter from Bristol was lodging with William and Jane Lewis at Factory Lane, Lydney

Census 1891.

William Folland 36, head married, hotel proprietor, Devon Dolton
Mary A. Folland 36, wife married, Buckinghamshire Aylesbury

Census 1901.

William Folland 45, head married, licensed victualler, Devon
Mary A. Folland 45, wife married, Aylesbury

Census 1911.

Frederick George White, single, public house, confectioner, Bristol