Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Naval Volunteer King Street

Bristol Museum

1861 – 74. Richard Trapnell
1875. Ann Trapnell
1876. Charles Clews
1877. William St.Clair
1878. F. Skinner
1879. Isaac Gould
1881. Frederick J. Sampson
1882 – 83. Philip Evans
1885 – 87. Henry Pymm
1887 to 1889. Sarah Banwell
1890. Henry Pymm
1891. Thomas Bradford
1891 – 94. Charles Tuckfield
1896 – 97. Louisa Tuckfield
1899 – 1925. Alfred Williams
1928 – 44. Albert Sims
1950 – 53. Edith Ann Sims
1956. Hannah Shopcott
1975. N. S. Hogan (manager)

No.17 King Street known as the Royal Naval Volunteer until the early 1890s, more recently named The Famous Royal Navy Volunteer.

Census 1861.

Richard Trapnell 46, head married, beer & lodging house keeper, Somerset Bridgwater
Ann Trapnell 43, wife married, house duties, Bristol
Mary Ann Trapnell 18, daughter unmarried, house duties, Bristol
George Trapnell 16, son unmarried, no occupation, Bristol
Alfred Trapnell 12, son scholar, Bristol
Henry Trapnell 6, son scholar, Bristol
John Williams 27, boarder unmarried, seaman merchant service, Norway
William Marey 30, boarder unmarried, seaman merchant service, Jamaica
Nicholas Martin 24, boarder unmarried, seaman merchant service, Trieste Austria
George Burton 37, boarder unmarried, seaman merchant service, Hampshire Stoke’s Bay
Samuel Thomas 18, boarder unmarried, quay labourer, Bristol
Lily Shane 60, visitor married, woolen draper, Lancashire Runkin

Census 1871.

Richard Trapnell 57, head married, publican , Bridgwater Somerset
Ann Trapnell 53, wife married, publican’s wife, Bristol
George Trapnell 26, son unmarried, labourer, Bristol
Alfred Trapnell 22, son unmarried, seaman, Bristol
Robert Hollgor 39, visitor married, master mariner, Dundee County Forfar
Mary Ann Hollgor 28, wife married, Bristol
Sarah Ann Hollgor 2, daughter, Limehouse London
Mary Ann Harris 33, lodger unmarried, charwoman, Bristol
Ada Maud Harris 5, daughter, Bristol
Mary Morgan 20, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Breckonshire Merthyr
William Phillips 40, boarder unmarried, seaman, Sussex Hastings
Harry Hoffmann 26, boarder unmarried, seaman, Hamburg
George Schott 19, boarder unmarried, seaman, Richmond Virginia USA
John Johnson 24, boarder unmarried, seaman, Amsterdam (British subject)
Catherine Jenkins 55, lodger married, charwoman, Bristol

Census 1881.

Frederick J. Sampson 26, head married, beer house keeper, Somerset Yatton
Sarah A. Sampson 27, wife married, Somerset Nailsea
Jemima Gadd 47, mother in law widow, formerly upholsterer, Somerset Nailsea
Blanche Sampson 3, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mabel Sampson 2, daughter scholar, Bristol
Emma Rodman 17, cousin unmarried, visitor no employment, Somerset Failand
Thomas Pierce 25, boarder unmarried, Bristol
John Higggins 26, boarder unmarried, seaman, Ireland
Joseph A. Thomas 18, boarder unmarried, commercial clerk, Lancashire Liverpool

Census 1891.

Thomas Bradford 44, head married, beer retailer, Bristol
Dinah Jane Bradford 36, wife married, North Wooton
Thomas Bradford 13, son, billiard marker, Bristol
Lily Bradford 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Henry Bradford 8, son scholar, Bristol
Isabella Bradford 4, daughter scholar, Bristol
Frederick Bradford 1, son, Bristol
Rebecca Bradford 85, mother widow, no occupation, Frome Somerset

Census 1901.
Naval Volunteer Public House

Alfred Williams 46, head married, publican, Warmley Gloucestershire
Amy Williams 38, wife married, Pucklechurch Gloucestershire
George Henry Williams 12, son, St.George Bristol
Gertrude Williams 10, daughter, Swansea Wales
Gwendoline Williams 8, daughter, Kingswood Bristol
Beatrice Beach 20, servant single, general domestic servant, King Street Bristol

Census 1911.

Alfred Williams 42, head married, publican, Bristol
Amy Williams 42, wife married, Bristol
George Henry Williams 19, son single, traveller, Bristol
Gertrude May Williams 17, daughter single, milliner, Bristol
Maud Gwendoline Williams 15, daughter, dressmaker, Bristol
Florrie Slopes 20, servant single, Devizes
Mary Hancock 56, servant single, Wells
Annie Bell 27, visitor married, actress, Burnley
Harry Bedford 28, visitor single, actor & manager, Worcester
James Bruton 42, visitor married, traveller, Birmingham
James Howarth 49, visitor married, traveller, Burnley