Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Old Globe Christmas Street

Detail from a painting by T.L.S. Rowbotham 1826

1764. ? Berrisford
1775. William Roberts
1787. John Sinnot
1792. James Sinnot
1794. ? Sinnot
1797 – 1800. Ann Sinnot
1816 to 1836. John Shattock
1837 to 1858. John Ricketts
1859 to 1864. William Watkins
1865 to 1866. James Polyblank
1867 to 1870. Harriet Polyblank
1871. Edwin Bishop
1871 to 1874. Ernee Clark
1875 to 1876. John Cross

The Old Globe was lost during the night of the 24th May 1876 when a great fire destroyed several warehouses and other buildings in Christmas Street, the cost of the damage was estimated at £80,000

Census 1841.

John Ricketts 40, publican, born in county
Elisabeth Ricketts 40, not born in county
Rachel James 20, servant, not born in county
Ann Bartlett 15, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

John Ricketts 56, head married, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Henbury
Sarah Ann Ricketts 28, Bristol
Robert Bartlett 16, nephew unmarried, Middlesex Poplar
Ann Rowland 25, servant unmarried, Bristol
Ann Rogers 18, servant unmarried, Bristol Clifton

Census 1861.

William Watkins 34, head married, victualler, Monmouthshire Monmouth
Eleanor Watkins 27, wife married, Monmouthshire Chepstow
William J. Watkins 1, son, Bristol
Jane Jukes 21, servant unmarried, seamstress, Bristol
Mary Dwyer 19, servant married, bar servant, London Chelsea

Census 1871.

E. Bishop 34, head married, licensed victualler, Stepney London
E. Dodd Bishop 31, wife married, South Shields
Edwin Bishop 9, son, Bermondsey London
Walter Bishop 7, son, Peckham Surrey
John Cullen 17, servant unmarried, Bristol
Mary J. Cambridge 18, servant unmarried, domestic, Gloucestershire Westbury