Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Prince’s Hotel Park Row

Garrick Hotel
1870 – 73. Edwin Vaughan
1874. John Foord
1875 to 1894. Frederick Samuel Foord
1881. Annie Parker (manageress)
1895 to 1902. William Joseph Duck
1903 – 06. John Hobbs

Prince’s Hotel
1909. John Towers A. Green
1911. Frank Taylor
1914. John Knapp
1917. William Knapp
1920 – 25. Dorothy Elliott
1927 – 31. Ethel Harries
1935. Maurice Owen
1936 – 50. Harold Waymouth
1953. Frederick Watkins
1956. Dorothy G. Watkins

Census 1871.

Edwin Vaughan 27, head married, wine merchant, Bristol St.Mary Redcliffe
Mary Vaughan 24, wife married, wine merchant’s wife, Bath (Abbey)
Arthur E. Vaughan 2 months, son, Bristol St.Augustine’s
Frank Carey 18, servant unmarried, wine merchant’s assistant, Somerset Bath
Frederick Sweet 14, servant, wine merchant’s assistant, Gloucestershire Fishponds
Jane Reed 19, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol St.Augustine’s

Census 1881.

Annie Parker 28, servant unmarried, manageress, Gloucestershire Coaley
Sarah Woodgate 26, servant unmarried, barmaid, London
Elizabeth Whitlock 19, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Bristol
Henry Budd 21, servant unmarried, billiard marker, Somerset Curry Rivell
Richard Clarry 36, visitor unmarried, gas engineer, Bristol

Census 1891.

Frederick S. Foord 44, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Alice M. Foord 39, wife married, Bristol
Edith A. M. Foord 19, daughter single, Bristol
Catherine G. Foord 17, daughter single, Bristol
Ellen E. Foord 14, daughter scholar, Bristol
Louisa F. Foord 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
John Foord 10, son scholar, Bristol
Frederick Foord 8, son scholar, Bristol
William Foord 6, son scholar, Bristol
Frank Foord 4, son, Bristol
Thomas Foord 2, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Wolfe 29, boarder single, Newport Monmouthshire
Mary E. Dowling 21, servant single, domestic servant, Gloucester
Martha Stevens 15, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol
William Hunt 15, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

William Joseph Duck 33, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Rhoda Duck 34, wife married, Wiltshire Calne
Francis William Duck 6, son, Somerset Bath
Cecil Joseph Duck 4 days, son, Bristol
Dorothy Mary Duck 4 days, daughter, Bristol
Alice Harriett Smith 35, visitor single, maternal sick nurse, Bristol
Alice Ada Davies 21, servant single, barmaid, Warwickshire Birmingham
Laura Butt 26, servant single, barmaid, Somerset Shepton Mallett

Census 1911.

Frank Taylor 30, head married, hotel proprietor, Malta (British subject by parentage)
Catherine Taylor 27, wife married, London Bloomsbury
John Taylor 3 months, son, Bristol
Emily Hayes 23, sister in law, barmaid, London
Margaret Ellis 23, servant single, barmaid, Somerset Keynsham
Norah Roberts 18, servant single, barmaid, Yorkshire Whitby
Mabel Hunt 26, servant single, nurse, Gloucestershire Oldland Common
Maud Sedgmore 18, servant single, housemaid, Devon Salterton
Leah Weeks 37, servant married, cook, Wales Llandovery
Albert Neitzel 18, servant single, waiter, Germany Stalsfurt (German)

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Prince’s Hotel had 18 rooms.