Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Queen’s Head St.James’s Barton

1752 – 64. Thomas Gatford
1792. Richard Townsend
1794. Sarah Townsend
1800. Samuel Benfield
1806. Jane Benfield
1816. Mary Smith
1820 – 28. William Maby
1829 to 1843. Mary Ann Maby
1844. William Bennett
1847 – 57. James Pritchard
1858 to 1868. Elizabeth Pritchard
1869. Edwin Clark
1871. M. Clark
1871 – 94. Frederick Glass
1896. H. Thomas
1897 – 99. Charles Fisher
1900 – 01. Henry Wintle
1904 – 06. George Phelps
1914. John Tracy
1917 – 21. Ernest Beard
1925. Ernest Beard & Sons
1935. Dorothy Pitt
1937 – 38. Walter Home

William Mabey was also a cabinet maker with premises in nearby St.James’s Churchyard.

A picture from the 1860s, the Queen’s Head is the small gabled building, and at the right of the picture can be seen the entrance to the Upper Arcade. Today the pub would be standing somewhere near the steps leading down to the Horsefair. All in this picture was lost in the blitz.

Census 1841.

Mary Ann Mabey 60, victualler, not born in county
William Mabey 25, instrument maker, born in county
Catherine Mabey 20, not born in county
William Mabey 1, born in county
Catherine Mabey 3 months, born in county
Elizabeth Phillips 35, born in county
Harriett Organ 15, professor of dancing, born in county
Elizabeth Hilman 25, servant, not born in county

Census 1851.

James Pritchard 50, Licensed Victualler, Sodbury
Betsy Pritchard 55 ,Wrington
Maria Wilcox, Sister in Law 40 Servant, Wrington
Eliza Fellin, Niece 17, Bristol

Census 1861.

Elizabeth Pritchard 64, widow, licensed victualler, Wrington Somerset
Ann Tilling 61, widow, cook, Wrington Somerset
Maria Wilcox 53, sister unmarried, house keeper, Wrington Somerset
Eliza Tilling 27, niece unmarried, barmaid, Bristol Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

Frederick James Glass 39, head married, publican, Bristol
Mary Glass 41, wife married, Wiltshire Bradford on Avon
John Frederick Glass 12, son scholar, Bristol

Census 1881.

Frederick Glass 48, head married, publican, Bristol
Mary Glass 52, wife married, Bradford On Avon Wiltshire
Hannah Cross 54, servant widow, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

James Frederick Glass 58, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol Somerset
Mary Glass 64, wife married, Bradford on Avon
Elizabeth Francombe 27, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol Somerset

Census 1901.

Henry Wintle 54, head married, licensed victualler, Shirehampton Gloucestershire
Martha Wintle 50, wife married, York Yorkshire
William Wintle 24, son single, hotel manager, Bristol
Alice Wintle 26, daughter single, Bristol
Laura Wintle 18, daughter single, Bristol
John Wintle 17, son single, barman, Bristol
Walter Wintle 15, son, Bristol
Constance Wintle 13, daughter, Bristol
Charles Wintle 10, son, Bristol
Edith Wintle 7, daughter, Bristol
Henry Wintle 5, son, Bristol