Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Rising Sun Lower Castle Street

1775. John Williams
1794 – 1806. Richard James
1811 – 16. William Hill
1820 – 23. John Tilley
1828 – 37. Uriah Pottow
1839 – 52. Jane Pottow
1853 – 89. James Phelps
1891 – 92. Samuel Palmer
1894. Matilda Palmer
1896. Samuel Palmer
1897 – 1906. Minnie Louisa Lovett
1909 – 14. Henry William Webb
1917. Roland Woods
1921 – 31. William Maggs
1935 – 38. Joseph Thomson
1944 – 50. George James
1953. Samuel Janes

On the corner with Ellbroad Street the old inn dating from 1606 was re-built in 1906, and then demolished in 1954 to be replaced by shops which were removed in 1970 to make way for the Holiday Inn. One of the posters on the wall of the pub is advertising rugby matches to be played over the Easter holiday, they are Bristol versus Lennox, Clifton, Pontypridd and Leicester, a smaller poster advertises Southern League soccer games, Bristol Rovers versus Reading, Fulham and Portsmouth.

Census 1841.

Jane Pottow 50, licensed victualler, not born in county
Anna Pottow 21, born in county
Eleanor Pottow 17, born in county
John Pottow 14, born in county

Census 1851.

Jane Pottow 60, head widow, licensed victualler, Devon Bampton
James Pottow 24, pawnbroker, Bristol
Emma Maynard 16, visitor, Bristol
Mary Bell 21, domestic duties, Tiverton
Augusta Guanetta 45, Lodger, furniture dealer Italy

Census 1861.

James Phelps 38, head married, victualler, Pembrokeshire
Maria Phelps 39, wife married, Bristol
John Phelps 9, son, Bristol
James Phelps 7, son, Bristol
Elizabeth Phelps 1, daughter, Bristol
Jane Pottow 75, mother in law widow, Devonshire
Mary Day 21, servant unmarried, Bristol
M. A. Williams 13, servant unmarried, Bristol
Edward Hall 23, servant unmarried, currier, Lincolnshire
J. Davies 25, boarder unmarried, currier, Monmouthshire
William Pike 36, lodger unmarried, currier, Wiltshire
Allen McNee 24, lodger unmarried, currier, Scotland
James Wood 22, lodger unmarried, currier, Worcestershire
William Spencer 25, lodger unmarried, currier, Northampton
Jonas Saville 30, lodger married, currier, Yorkshire
Sarah Saville 30, lodger married, currier, Yorkshire

Census 1871.

James Phelps 48, head married, publican, Pembroke
Emily Phelps 37, wife married, London
John Phelps 18, son unmarried, draper, Bristol
James Phelps 20, son unmarried, plumber, Bristol
Constantia Lombardini 63, visitor married, Bristol
Elizabeth Manning 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol
William Bailey 30, lodger unmarried, currier, Newcastle in Stafford

Census 1881.

James Phelps 57, head married, publican South Wales
Emily Phelps 50, wife married, London
Elizabeth Phelps 21, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Caroline Collard 17, servant unmarried, Bristol
Henry Neale 50, lodger unmarried, currier, Cambridge

Census 1891.

Samuel Palmer 42, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Matilda Palmer 38, wife married, Bristol
William E. Palmer 15, son, carpenter apprentice, Bristol
Ada Palmer 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Florence B. Palmer 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Arthur H. Palmer 9, son scholar, Bristol
Samuel Palmer 4, son, Bristol
Ada Snooks 29, servant single, general servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

John Lovett 39, head married, builder, Norfolk Norwich
Minnie Louise Lovett 38, wife married, licensed victualler, Bristol
John H. Lovett 7, son, Bristol
Dora M. L. Lovett 6, daughter, Bristol
Ida C. F. Lovett 5, daughter, Bristol
Lionel F. Lovett 3, son, Bristol
Ada E. Lovett 2, daughter, Bristol
Irene I. Lovett 6 months, Bristol
Joseph T. Skyrme, brother in law single, barman in tavern, Bristol
Annie Hunt 16, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1911.

Henry William Webb 30, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Edith Rose Webb 30, wife married, assists in the business, Bristol
Henry William Webb 6, son school, Bristol
Edith Ellen Webb 4, daughter school, Bristol
Doris Isabel Webb 2, daughter, Bristol
John David Webb 3 months, son, Bristol
Martha Adams 22, servant single, Bristol
James Simpkins 18, servant single, barman, Bristol