Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Rummer High Street (All Saints’ Lane)

1755. William Baxter
1762 – 64. James Williams
1775. Thomas Taylor
1800. Ann Hanson
1806. Samuel Poston
1812 – 37. Sarah Poston
1820. Simon Tiver
1839 – 44. William Bough
1848. John Pring
1851. David Snow
1851 to 1875. Harriet Maria Froyne
1876 – 89. Alfred Bailey
1891 – 1917. Felix Bailey
1921 – 25. Mrs. Jessie Bailey
1928. Albert Bailey
1931 – 53. Ernest Bailey
1975. C. J. Smith (manager)

William Baxter and James Williams are listed as being in the cellar under the Rummer, as was Simon Tiver in 1820. The Rummer was built in the 1740s partially on the site of an old inn dating back to the thirteenth century.

Census 1841.

William Bough 45, hotel keeper, not born in county
Phoebe Ann Bough 40, not born in county
Sophia Jane Bough 18, not born in county
William George Bough 15, not born in county
Catherine Taynton 45, not born in county

Census 1851.

Harriet Froyne 38, head unmarried, manager of Rummer Hotel, St.Bartholomew London
Elizabeth Hathway 28, servant unmarried, barmaid, St.Paul’s Bristol
Emma Hathway 25, servant unmarried, barmaid, St.Paul’s Bristol
Ellen Rogers, servant unmarried, barmaid, St.Augustine Bristol
Charles Wolfe 34, servant married, waiter, Widcombe Bath
Ann Timbrell 28, servant, chambermaid, Gloucestershire
Mary Harris 57, servant unmarried, waiting maid, Newport Gloucestershire
Thomas Gardner 31, servant married, porter, Yate Gloucestershire
Fanny Pike 14, servant, waiting maid, St.James’ Bristol
Betsy Vater 19, servant, waiting maid, High Littleton Somersetshire
Ellen O’Brien 23, servant unmarried, cook, Tipperary Ireland
Harriet Bowbear 26, visitor, Shaston Somersetshire
Edwin Pedlar 25, visitor unmarried, Devonshire
Anice Bowbear 10, visitor, Shaston Somesetshire
William Weaver 22, visitor unmarried, civil engineer, Beckington Somesetshire

Census 1861.

Harriet M. Froyne 45, head unmarried, tavern keeper, London
Lavinia E. Clarke 25, niece unmarried, Surrey Lambeth
Harriet Clarke 20, niece unmarried, London Lambeth
Caroline Lane 22, servant unmarried, cook, Bishop Sutton Somerset
George Davis 19, servant unmarried, porter, Trowbridge Wiltshire
Mary Ann Smethuan 25, servant unmarried, waiter, Barrow Gurney Somerset

Census 1871.

Harriett M. Froyne 64, head unmarried, tavern keeper, Middlesex London
Harriett Clarke 29, niece unmarried, barmaid, Middlesex London
Lavinia E. Clarke 33, niece unmarried, barmaid, Middlesex London
Alfred Bailey 22, nephew unmarried, clerk, Middlesex London
Charles Lovell 20, servant unmarried, boots, Bristol
Susannah Lewsdale 24, servant unmarried, waitress, Bristol
Annie Powells 25, servant unmarried, cook, Bristol
Revina Dursley 17, servant unmarried, housemaid, Bristol
Henry H. Jullion 49, lodger married, unemployed, Middlesex London
Charlotte Jullion 50, wife married, Somerset Langport
James H. Jullion 17, son unmarried, stationer’s assistant, Somerset Weston-Super-Mare
Emily J. Jullion 15, daughter, Middlesex London

Census 1881.

Alfred Bailey 32, head married, hotel proprietor, Middlesex London
Harriet Bailey 39, wife married, Surrey London
Lavinia Elizabeth Clarke 42, sister in law unmarried, barmaid, Surrey London
Elizabeth Bailey 72, mother widow, annuitant, Smithfield London
Louisa Jarsell 23, servant unmarried, barmaid, Clutton Somerset
Jane Yates 23, servant unmarried, barmaid, Bury Lancashire
Alice Hill 24, servant unmarried, waitress, St.Philip’s Bristol
Elizabeth Oxenham 24, servant unmarried, waitress, Twickden Devon
Sarah S.Keats 33, servant unmarried, cook & domestic servant, Widcombe Bath
Henry Teague 18, servant unmarried, boots, Worcestershire Bewdley

Census 1891.

Felix Bailey 43, head married, licensed victualler, London Middlesex
Jessie Esther Bailey 39, wife married, Cambridge Cheveley Parish
Ernest Bailey 6, son scholar, Bristol Redcliffe
Esther Lloyd Crosbie 73, mother in law widow, living on her own means, Cambridge
Louise Walters 22, servant single, barmaid (domestic servant), Somerset Dunkerton Parish
Amy Beatrice Hanfield 24, servant single, barmaid (domestic servant), Hampshire Southsea
Hilda Cullimore 22, servant single, waitress (domestic servant), Gloucestershire Iron Acton
Miriam Burton 23, servant married, waitress (domestic servant), Bristol St.Michael’s
Kate Ethel Stevens 19, servant single, cook (domestic servant), Gloucestershire Westbury-on-Trym
Thomas Henry Meredith 21, servant single, boots (domestic servant), Bristol Temple

Census 1901.

Felix Bailey 54, head married, licensed victualler, London
Jessie Bailey 47, wife married, Cambridge
Harry F. Bailey 21, son single, insurance clerk, Bristol
Albert Bailey 18, son single, insurance clerk, Bristol
Ernest Bailey 16, son single, insurance clerk, Bristol
Clara S. Crosbie 49, sister in law single, hotel manageress, Cambridge
Henry Freeman 42, visitor widower, comedian, Worcestershire
Mary Hayes 21, servant single, waitress (domestic servant), Gloucester
Rhoda People 17, servant single, waitress (domestic servant), Bristol
Annie L. Klemm 26, servant single, barmaid, Bristol
Marion B. Crossman 23, servant single, barmaid, Bridgwater
Frank Brown 24, servant married, boots (domestic servant), at sea Bay of Biscay

Census 1911.

Felix Bailey 65, head married, hotel proprietor, London
Jessie Esther Bailey 57, assisting in the business, Cambridge
Clara Scott Crosbie 59, sister in law single, manageress, Cambridge
Lucy Beatrice Meek 26, servant single, barmaid, Forest of Dean
Alice Klemm 33, servant single, barmaid, Clifton Bristol
Florence Gay 30, single, barmaid, Newport Monmouthshire
Alice Spear 22, single, waitress, Bristol
Margaret Dent 21, single, waitress, Stoke Gifford Gloucestershire
Howard Tavenor 23, single, boots, Oldbury on Severn