Bristol’s Lost Pubs

St John’s Porter House & Severn Tavern Under the Bank – Quay Head

1819. James Merchant
1821. William Palmer
1822 – 27. Thomas Phillips
1829. Margaret Phillips
1830 – 48. Henry Bowen
1851 – 73. Alexander Saunders
1874. Edward Porter
1875 – 76. E. A. Harris
1878. R. F. Aspin
1879. Corrina Aspin
1881. Reuben Fulton (manager)
1882 – 86. James Aspin
1887. William Thomas

This picture is a detail from an 1825 drawing by T. L. S. Rowbotham. The gap to the left of the building is Zed Alley

Census 1841.

Henry Bowen 45, inn keeper, not born in county
Margaret Bowen 45, not born in county
Margaret Lewin 15, not born in county
Ann Jones 15, not born in county
Ann Hutston 20, servant, Ireland

Census 1851.

Alexander Saunders 35, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Pensford
Margaret Saunders 28, wife married, Wales
Margaret Saunders 3, daughter, Bristol
Mary Ann Saunders 18 months, Bristol
Ann Saunders 17, niece unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Pensford
David Thomas 22, servant unmarried, house servant, Wales
Caroline Rice 22, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol
Susan Combes 20, servant unmarried, house servant, Somerset Wells
Maria Farthing 33, nurse widow, monthly nurse, Bristol

Census 1861.

Alexander Saunders 46, head married, inn keeper, Somerset Pensford
Margaret Saunders 38, wife married, Wales
Margaret B. Saunders 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Mary Ann Saunders 11, daughter scholar, Bristol
Alexander B. Saunders 3, son scholar, Bristol
William H. Saunders 1, son, Bristol
Anne Saunders 28, niece unmarried, barmaid, Somerset Pensford
Richard Hurnott 53, boarder unmarried, mason, Chester
James Phillips 24, boarder unmarried, mason, Somersetshire
Henry Heywood 24, boarder unmarried, mason, place of birth not recorded
David Thomas 37, boarder unmarried, brewer, Wales
Mary Ann Moyiton 21, servant unmarried, house maid, Somersetrshire
Emma Stone 17, servant unmarried, nurse maid, Bristol

Census 1871.

Alexander Saunders 57, head widower, publican, Somerset Pensford
Mary A. Saunders 20, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Bristol
William H. Saunders 11, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
Alexander B. Saunders 13, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
David Thomas 41, servant unmarried, brewer, Glamorganshire
Elizabeth Headford 24, servant unmarried, general domestic servant, Somerset Bath
Augusta Charles 17, servant unmarried, chamber maid, Gloucestershire Bristol
Beavis Beek 42, boarder married, barrister’s clerk, Middlesex Islington
Robert Richer 21, boarder unmarried, barrister’s clerk, Middlesex Paddington
George ?? 31, boarder married, barrister’s clerk, Middlesex St.Andrew’s
Charles Turner 22, lodger unmarried, stone mason, Cornwall St.Blazey
Frederick Bishop 21, lodger unmarried, stone mason, Somerset Brislington
Edward Price 22, lodger unmarried, stone mason, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1881.

Reuben Fulton 44, head married, hotel manager, Bristol
Ada Hampton 35, boarder married, barmaid, West Indies
John Hampton 16, son scholar, Somerset Nibley
Beatrice M. Hampton 13, daughter scholar, Wiltshire Salisbury
Rhoda Hampton 11, daughter scholar, Wiltshire Melksham
Rupert Hampton 7, son scholar, Bristol
Walter P. Forder 30, lodger married, concert vocalist, London
Charlotte Tucker 26, servant unmarried, general servant, Somerset Cannington
Charles Gingell 19, servant unmarried, billiard marker, Gloucestershire Itchington