Bristol’s Lost Pubs

White Horse Horsefair

1752. Mrs Musprat
1754 – 55. William Wastefield
1764. Thomas Wilcox
1775. John Kent
1783. James Bevan
1792 – 94. Samuel Banfield & George Coupland
1800. George Coupland & Ann Morris
1806. George Coupland
1816. William Roberts
1820 – 44. William Holder
1848. James Vickery
1849 to 1851. Sarah Vickery
1852 to 1855. James Wild
1856. George Gunter
1858 – 71. Richard Cowle
1872 – 79. Elizabeth Hember
1881 – 94. William Jones
1896 – 97. Alexander Cameron
1899. W. Lintern
1901 – 04. Frank Hamer
1906. Sarah Hamer
1909. William Prince
1911 – 21. William Rowe
1925 – 44. Thomas Smith
1950. William Crotty

On the corner with the Barrs Street, across the road from the Plume of Feathers, in 1953 Barrs Street was closed and The White Horse pulled down, the whole area is now covered by Debenhams department store. The hotel is shown here awaiting demolition.

Census 1841.

William Holder 60, inn keeper, not born in county
Eliza Holder 40, born in county
Thomas Holder 5, born in county
Mary Ann Suton ? 12, born in county
Sarah Payne 25, servant, born in county
Mary Lewis 20, servant, born in county
Mary Richards 45, servant, born in county
Saul Chambers 25, servant, born in county
Phineas Gilbert 20, servant, born in county
George Fleming 40, traveller, Scotland
James Bray 45, traveller, not born in county
Elizabeth Heath 40, independent means, born in county

Census 1851.

Sarah Vickery 45, head widow, victualler, Kent Canterbury
William Vickery 27, son married, proprietor of houses, Bristol
Georgianna Forde 50, servant widow, cook, Wiltshire Salisbury
Eliza Baker 18, servant unmarried, chambermaid, Bristol

Census 1861.

Richard Cowle 46, head married, inn keeper, Faringdon Berkshire
Ann Cowle 45, wife married, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Emily Cowle 14, daughter, Aust Gloucestershire
William Carey 35, visitor widower, corn dealer, Evercreech Somerset
Emanuel Baker 35, visitor unmarried, twine manufacturer, West Coker
Susan Hisgrove 18, servant unmarried, servant, Wells Somerset
George Holder 14, servant unmarried, servant, Bristol Gloucestershire
John Cribbs 32, ostler unmarried, ostler, Bristol Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

Richard Cowle 56, head married, licensed victualler, Berkshire Shillingford
Ann Cowle 49, wife married, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Eliza Cole 50, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol
Emma Susan Brooks 21, servant unmarried, general servant, Lancashire Staleybridge
John Cribb 44, labourer unmarried, labourer, Bristol

Census 1881.

William Jones 42, head widower, licensd victualler, Bath Somerset
Elizabeth Matthews 24, housekeeper unmarried, domestic servant, Notton Wiltshire
Matilda Palmer 19, servant unmarried, barmaid, Bath Somerset
Emma L. Parnall 29, servant unmarried, cook, Exmouth Devon
Bessie Kemp 19, servant unmarried, housemaid, America (British subject)
Frank Bell 33, servant unmarried, hostler (inn), Leeds Yorkshire
Thomas Farr 65, boarder widower, mail cart driver, Shirehampton Gloucestershire

Census 1891.

William Jones 52, head widower, licensed victualler, Bath Somerset
Ann Jones 77, aunt widow, Bath Somerset
Florence Dent 23, housekeeper single, Bristol
Sarah Watson 29, servant single, general servant, Newcastle
Mary Barge 73, cook widow, cook, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Henry Thompson 21, ostler single, Sherston Gloucestershire
Thomas Farr 65, widower, carrier, Shirehampton

Census 1901.

Frank Hamer 35, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Hamer 36, wife married, Portishead Somerset
Alfred J. Cullemer 70, boarder single, farmer, Portishead Somerset

Census 1911.

William Rowe 29, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Sarah Rowe 30, wife married, help in bar, Trowbridge