Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Albion Boyce’s Avenue

1851. Henry Hacker
1861. Sarah Raius
1865 – 67. Ann Collins
1871 – 74. Robert Norman
1876 – 77. George Spragg
1878 – 79. William Long
1881 – 83. James Morris
1885. John Price
1886 to 1888. Henry Watkins
1889 to 1891. Aaron Long
1892 to 1896. Martha Edith Stone
1897 to 1914. Thomas Kerslake
1914 – 17. Amelia Kerslake
1921 – 38. Thomas George Kerslake
1938 – 56. Annie Kerslake
1960 – 75. Matthew A. L. F. Serjeant

The Albion is built on land acquired by wigmaker Thomas Boyce in 1763. In Farley’s Journal of June 20th 1772, Boyce announced that he had completely fitted up “three large and elegant lodging houses on Clifton Hill.” These houses were built for about £8,000 and were named Boyce’s Buildings, attached to these houses was a pleasure garden, three summer houses, ten coach houses, and stabling for thirty four horses. The project proved too great a financial burden for Boyce, and a few months later he was bankrupt. Listed in 1857 as being ‘near Boyce’s Buildings’ the Albion may not be one of the houses erected by Boyce.

Census 1851.

Henry Hacker 34, head married, painter and publican, Clifton
Mary A. Hacker 35, wife married, Clifton
Mary A. Hacker 15, daughter, Clifton
Henrietta Hacker 10, daughter, Clifton
George H. Hacker 7, son, Clifton
Priscilla Hacker 5, daughter, Clifton
Clara Hacker 1, daughter, Clifton
Ann Davis 23, lodger unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire
Henry Coles 27, lodger unmarried, labourer, Somerset

Census 1861.

Sarah Raius 70, head widow, beer retailer, Somerset Abbot’s Leigh
Martha Thompson 60, sister widow, beer retailers assistant, Somerset Abbot’s Leigh

Census 1871.

Robert Norman 27, head married, publican, Somerset Bath
Elizabeth Norman 56, wife married, Bristol St.James’

Census 1881.

James Morris 30, head married, publican (beerhouse) Wiltshire
Dinah Morris 35, wife married, Wincanton Somerset
Percy J. S. Morris 7, son scholar, Bristol
Ida E. Morris 3, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Henbury
Edly G. Morris 2, son, Gloucestershire Henbury
Daisy M. Morris 8 months, daughter, Gloucestershire Henbury
John Evans 69, lodger unmarried, gardener, Somerset Midsomer Norton

Census 1891.

Aaron Long 55, head widower, keeper of beer and wine house, Gloucestershire Horsley
Susan M. Collinwood 26, servant single, barmaid, Wales
Richard Jacobs 67, boarder married, formerly publican (retired) Somerset Shepton Mallet

Census 1901.

Thomas Kerslake 57, head married, beer retailer, Sampford Devon
Amelia Kerslake 50, wife married, Clevedon Somerset
Thomas G. Kerslake 22, son single, plumber, St.Augustine’s
Herbert S. Kerslake 19, son single, tailor, St.Augustine’s
Ernest A. Kerslake 16, son single, tailor, St.Augustine’s

Census 1911.

Amelia Kerslake 58, wife, private means, St.Augustine’s Bristol
Ernest Andrew Kerslake 26, son single, tailor’s cutter, St.Augustine’s Bristol
Mary Ann Williams 23, servant single, housemaid domestic, Easton Bristol
At the time of the census Thomas Kerslake was a patient at the Bristol General Hospital

The Albion in the 1920’s

During the late 1950s extensive changes were made to the Albion. The billiard room, seen to the left of the drainpipe, was knocked through to form a large public bar, and the other smaller bar was extended to create a new carpeted and softly lit lounge bar. Comparing the two pictures it would seem that landlord Matthew Serjeant also had new windows fitted.