Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Coach & Horses Highland Square

Courage Brewery Archive via Bristol Know Your Place

1855 – 66. John Dawes
1866 to 1883. Elizabeth H. Dawes
1883 – 89. George Sealy Dawes
1891 – 96. John Diment
1897 – 1911. Thomas George Lapham
1914. Mrs. R. MacDougall
1917 – 21. Mary Jane Hankins
1925 – 31. Frank Horsey
1935 – 38. Henrietta Horsey
1940 – 44. Henry George Harrison
1950. Emily Harrison
1953 – 56. Norman Coles
1975. Mrs M. F. McDonnell

John Dawes was also a blacksmith and farrier. In 1942 the annual rent paid by tenant Henry Harrison was £42, the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited

Census 1861.

John Dawes 37, head married, publican, Gloucestershire Clifton
Elizabeth Dawes 37, wife married, publican’s wife, Gloucestershire Clifton
Sarah Dawes 18, daughter unmarried, laundress, Gloucestershire Clifton
Elizabeth Dawes 15, daughter, Gloucestershire Clifton
George Dawes 12, son scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Mary Dawes 8, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
John Dawes 7, son scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Eliza Dawes 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton

Census 1871.

Elizabeth H. Dawes 47, head widow, beer house keeper, Gloucestershire Clifton
George S. Dawes 22, son unmarried, shoeing & jobbing smith, Gloucestershire Clifton
Mary A. Dawes 20, daughter unmarried, laundress, Gloucestershire Clifton
John S. Dawes 16, son scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton
Eliza S. Dawes 14, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Clifton

Census 1881.

Elizabeth H. Dawes 57, head widow, beer retailer, Clifton
Eliza S. Penfold 24, head married, bar woman at beer house, Clifton
William Penfold 6, son scholar, Clifton
John Penfold 4, son scholar, Clifton

Census 1891.

John Diment 52, head married, publican, Somerset Brislington
Elizabeth Diment 53, wife married, Somerset Brislington
William Diment 17, son single, engineer’s apprentice, Somerset Bristol
Frederick Diment 16, son single, clerk, Somerset Bristol

Census 1901.

Tom G. Lapham 54, head married, beer retailer, Somerset Norton Ferris
Emily Lapham 49, wife married, Hampton in Arden
Lambert Lapham 23, son single, groom, Gloucestershire Stoke Bishop
Robert Lapham 22, son single, barman, Gloucestershire Stoke Bishop
Lucy Lapham 19, daughter single, mother’s domestic help, Gloucestershire Bristol
Florence Lapham 18, daughter single, draper’s assistant, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1911.

Tom Lapham 64, head married, beer retailer, Bristol
Emily Lapham 57, wife married, domestic, Bristol
Edith Shore 35, daughter married, domestic, Bristol
Lucy Lapham 28, daughter, domestic, Bristol
Florence Lapham 27, daughter, domestic, Bristol
Dorothy Shore 6, granddaughter, Bristol