Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Retreat Whiteladies Road

1865 – 72. John Leat
1875 – 89. Elizabeth Leat
1891 – 94. Frederick Webb
1896. Arthur Claxton
1897. William Grant
1901 – 06. George Ambler
1909 – 14. Francis Ambler
1917 – 21. Ernest Beckett
1928. Frederick Sweeting
1931. George Sherwood
1935 – 38. Frederick Sherwood
1944 – 50. Ella Sherwood
1953 to 1958. Thomas Price

Near the top of Blackboy Hill the Retreat closed in 1958 and is now a restaurant.
On the 21st December 1888 the Retreat was taken on a 14 year lease at a rent of £80 per annum by James Lockley, brewer of Lewin’s Mead. The lease was one of 22 sold by James Lockley to Bristol United Breweries Limited on the 25th March 1892 for the total sum of £11,000.

Dave Knowles remembers … “the Retreat was a cider house, so no spirits, but you could buy draught port or sherry. The old boys would have a pint of rough and then top it up with a large port!! The Gents consisted of a long black wall (so beloved by Jethro in one of his jokes). Most of the old boys suffered the shakes until they had at least two pints of the “red biddy” as it was known”.

Census 1871.

John Leat 53, head married, beerhouse keeper, Somerset Pitminster
Elizabeth Leat 43, wife married, beerhouse keeper’s wife, Somerset Kenn
Edward Leat 19, son unmarried, mason, Gloucestershire Westbury
Emma Leat 9, daughter, Gloucestershire Westbury

Census 1881.

Elizabeth Leat 57, head widow, beer retailer, Somerset Kenn
Emma Leat 18, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Gloucestershire Sneyd Park
Esther Hinder 15, servant unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Hallen

Census 1891.

Frederick Webb 50, head married, beer and wine retailer, Biddisham Somerset
Joanna M. Webb 41, wife married, Abbot’s Leigh Somerset
Ada H. Webb 19, daughter single, Clifton Bristol
Edith Webb 17, daughter single, Clifton Bristol
Elizabeth Gray 28, visitor single, school mistress, Tenby Pembrokeshire

Census 1901.

George Ambler 56, head married, beer and wine retailer, Herefordshire Ledbury
Jane Ambler 56, wife married, Bristol Clifton
Francis W. Ambler 22, son single, mariner seas, near Bristol Kingsweston
Elizabeth Ambler 22, visitor married, Glasgow

Census 1911.

Francis William Ambler 33, head married, beer and wine retailer, Shirehampton Gloucestershire
Etheline Ambler 29, wife married, assisting in the business, Clifton Bristol
Violet May Ambler 1 year 6 months, daughter, Westbury Gloucestershire
Herbert Joseph Sheehan 22, servant single, barman, St.James’ Bristol