Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Artizan Tavern Cornwallis Place, Lower Ashley Road

Henry John Lapham’s tenancy of the Artizan Tavern commenced on the 27th July 1953, the rent was £40 per annum payable quarterly, the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. What follows is a transcription of the schedule of fixtures and effects which was attached to the tenancy agreement.

Front Of House.
Electric light fitting with enclosed opel shade.
Wood sign worded “Artizan” etc.

Gauze framed panel to door worded “Smoke Room” etc.

Mahogany top counter with return end, flap and door, fitted shelf under 12’ 6”.
4 – pull beer engine, with chromium plated taps, black and plated handles, steel drip tray, and plastic piping, unions and joints to cellar (excluding 12 ft length of P.V.C. piping and fittings).
Fixed window seat.
Short fixed seat to wall by counter.
Gas radiator and fittings.
Stained and grained bar fixture, fitted 4 short and 2 long shelves and 9 mirrors, 7’.
Glazed washup with tap and zinc draining board.
Range of 3 stained and grained shelves, each 2’ 6”.
Stained and grained shelf as fixed, 5’.

Passage From Bar To Smoke Room.
Stained and grained fixture of 3 drawers and 3 cupboards under.
2 stained and grained shelves as fixed each 5’ 7”.

Smoke Room.
2 stained and grained shelves as fixed on iron brackets each 4’ 3”.
Power Point.

Back Stores.
Gas boiler “No.2 New Adrian”.
Galvanised bin.

Glazed washup with tap and wood draining board.
2 painted shelves as fixed.

Full size glazed bath.
“Rowenco” gas geyser.
China washbasin and fitted tap.
Glazed pan with wood seat.

Power point.

Dining Room.
Electric point for wireless.

The electric light installation to all lighting points, power points and wireless point including all blocks and switches.

Census 1871.

John Wilkey 43 head married, beer house keeper Barnstaple Devon
Periscilia Wilkey 45, wife married, Bristol
Emiline A. Wilkey 15, daughter, Bristol
Clara Wilkey 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Albert Wilkey 6, son scholar, Bristol
James John 3, son, Bristol
Thomas Wilkey 23, lodger unmarried, carpenter, Parkham Devon
Edward Miller 23, lodger unmarried, engraver, Ilminster Somerset
Emma Holder 20, lodger unmarried, machinist, Owlpen Gloucestershire
William Jenkins 18, lodger unmarried, sugar merchant’s assistant, Bristol

Census 1881.

John Wilcox 36, head married, publican, Bristol
Ellen Wilcox 36, wife married, publican, Bristol
Lilly Wilcox 7, daughter scholar, Newport Monmouthshire

Census 1891.

Francis J. Tripp 31, head married, artist and publican, Edgware Middlesex
Jessie Tripp 31, wife married, Exeter
Randolph F. Tripp 2, son, Bristol
Jessie M. Jones 11, servant, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

John W. Davis 39, head married, publican, St.James’ Bristol
Jemima Davis 41, wife married, Monkton Combe near Bath
Arthur W. Davis 12, son, Stapleton Road Bristol

Census 1911.

John William Davis 49, head married, beer retailer, St.James’ Bristol
Jemima Davis 50, wife married, assisting in the business, Monkton Combe near Bath
Arthur Willoughby Davis 22, son single, assisting in the business, Bristol