Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Lebeck Stapleton Road

1794. Samuel Easterbrook
1806. William Tyler
1816 – 20. William Beedle
1822. I. Jefferies
1826 – 28. Henry Milsom
1831 – 34. Elizabeth Milsom
1840. W. Warne
1841. John Tyler
1844. John Bewley
1847 – 48. Charles Snow
1851 – 53. Charles Porter
1854 to 1857. W. Field
1858 to 1868. John Knight (jnr)
1869 to 1878. Henry Williamson
1879. Sarah Williamson
1881 – 99. James Butler Gale
1900 – 09. William S. Braddon
1911 – 14. Matilda Braddon
1917 – 35. Frederick Beavis
1937 – 38. Benjamin Iles
1944 – 53. Evelyn Martin
1956. Herbert Smith
1975. J. Richie

Courage Brewery Archive via Bristol Know Your Place

Listed in 1794 – 1806 as Lebeck House
Listed in 1816 – 1861 as Lebeck Chaff Cutter(s)
Listed in 1864 – 1901 as Lebeck Inn
Listed as Lebeck Hotel from around 1903
More recently known as Lebeqs Tavern

Henry and Elizabeth Milsom also traded as horse dealers

Census 1841.

John Tyler 40, victualler, born in county
Sarah Simmonds 20, born in county
Sarah Fleay 15, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Charles Porter 42, head married, victualler, Somerset Portbury
Eliza Porter 41, wife married, Somerset Ashton
Eliza Porter 12, daughter, Somerset Portbury
Thomas Pingstone 47, servant widower, house servant, Bristol
Alfred Pingstone 12, servant, house servant, Bristol
Louisa A. Scoll 32, servant unmarried, house servant, Bristol

Census 1861.

John Knight 38, head married, licensed victualler & fly proprietor, Clifton Bristol
Fanny Knight 37, wife married, Nailsea
John Williamson 62, father in law married, fly driver, Stanton Wick
Ann Williamson 72, mother in law married, fly driver’s wife, Bristol
Thomas Knight 35, brother widower, fly driver, Bristol
Selina Williamson 14, niece scholar, Nailsea Somerset
Sarah Framlin 19, servant unmarried, house servant, Westerleigh Gloucestershire
Edwin Condick 18, servant unmarried, house servant, West Lydford Somerset
John West 24, servant unmarried, fly driver, Bristol
George West 21, servant unmarried, fly driver, Bristol

Census 1871.

Henry Grabham Williamson 45, head married, publican, Nailsea Somerset
Sarah Williamson 46, wife married, Nailsea Somerset
John Henry Williamson 21, son unmarried, coachmaker, Smethwick Staffordshire
Fanny Isabel Williamson 16, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Smethwick Staffordshire
Elizabeth Iles 78, mother in law married, retired provision dealer, Nailsea Somerset
Catherine Hall 19, servant unmarried, publican’s servant, St.Philip & Jacob Bristol

Census 1881.

James Butler Gale 31, head married, licensed victualler, Tormarton Gloucestershire
Frances J. Gale 36, wife married, Warwickshire Birmingham
Jessie Blanche Gale 6, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Selina A. Gale 8, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
A. H. G. Gale 4, son, Gloucestershire Bristol
Florence Gale 2, daughter, Gloucestershire Bristol
Jane Gilbert 53, widow, housekeeper, Gloucestershire Bristol
Ellen Jones 34, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Bristol
Henry Pullen 17, lodger unmarried, blacksmith, Somerset Nailsea

Census 1891.

James B. Gale 42, head married, licensed victualler, Tormarton Gloucestershire
Frances J. Gale 37, wife married, Birmingham
Selina A. Gale 18, daughter single, milliner, Bristol
Jessie S. Gale 16, daughter single, scholar, Bristol
Albert J. G. R. Gale 14, son scholar, Bristol
Florence 13, daughter scholar, Bristol
Percival Gale 10, son scholar, Bristol
James B. Gale 7, son scholar, Bristol
James Gale 79, grandfather widower, yeoman, Tormarton Gloucesterhire
Mary J. Weeks 32, single, lady’s help, Bristol
Alice E. Low 19, single, first barmaid, Dublin
Arthur G. Leroy 19, assistant single, boots, Hereford

Census 1901.

William S. Braddon 51, head married, licensed victualler, Christow Devon
Matilda Braddon 49, wife married, Exeter Devon
Mary Braddon 18, daughter single, Clifton Bristol
Louise M. Braddon 16, daughter single, Exeter Devon
William C. Barrett 25, servant single, barman, Clifton Bristol
Florence Grasemann 21, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1911.

Matilda Braddon 58, head widow, licensed victualler, Exeter
Mary Owen 27, daughter married, Bristol
Herbert Edward Bradford 24, servant single, barman, Bristol
Ernest Bromfield 21, servant single, barman, Bristol
Philip George Owen 31, son in law married, brickmaker for brick manufacturer, Bristol

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the Lebeck had 11 rooms.