Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Post Office Tavern Stapleton Road

1860 – 61. William B. Clark
1863. Charles Linton
1870. Joseph Hiscocks
1871 to 1875. Charles Dixon
1876 to 1878. William Bulley
1879. Chilton Young
1881 – 83. William Bain
1885. William Palmer
1886 – 89. William Savage
1891 – 93. Daniel Wilshire
1896. Hephzibah Chivers
1899. Emma Rogers
1901 – 09. John Thomas Oram
1911 – 37. Harry Buckle
1938. Mabel Buckle
1944 – 50. Mabel Dyte
1951 – 53. Arthur John Lewis

The tenancy of Arthur Lewis commenced on the 2nd August 1951, the rent was £40 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol Brewery Georges & Co. Limited. What follows is a schedule of fixtures & fittings attached to the tenancy agreement.

No.3 Jeunesse stove as fitted
Ascot gas water heater and stand as fitted
Harper gas radiator as fitted

Cellar heater as fitted

Porcelain sink
Galvanised boiler

Porcelain bath as fitted
New Rapid geyser
Porcelain washbasin with chromium plated tap

The seating as fixed around bar
The mahogany top counter with hinged door and flap
5-pull Dalex black and chromium handled beer engine with sectional tubular steel piping complete
The stainless steel washup as fitted with tap, outl
The back of bar fittings
Partition with 3 glazed miranese glass screen dividing bar
2 coloured glass framed window screens

The electric light installation excluding bulbs and shades

Census 1861.

William B. Clark 34, head married, carpenter, builder and publican, Bristol
Emily Clark 35, wife married, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Emily Clark 8, daughter scholar, Bristol
James Clark 5, son scholar, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Laura Clark 9 months, daughter, Bristol
Hester Prewett 78, mother in law widow, publican’s widow, Hill Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Holloway 14, servant, Bristol

Census 1871.

Charles Dixon 40, head married, publican, Cudwell Wiltshire
Mary Dixon 33, wife married, Glastonbury
Mary Webb 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Lydney

Census 1881.

William Bain 32, head married, beerhouse keeper, Scotland
Elizabeth Bain 23, wife married, Wiltshire Calne
Martha Sumler 14, sister in law, school, Wiltshire Calne

Census 1891.

Daniel Wilshire 44, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Bitton
Martha Wilshire 40, wife married, Gloucestershire St.George
Agnes Burchill 32, servant single, barmaid, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Census 1901.

John Thomas Oram 31, head married, publican, Bristol
Louisa Oram 28, wife married, Somerset Frome
William Oram 1, son, Bristol

Census 1911.

Harry Buckle 35, head married, licensed victualler, Chippenham Wiltshire
Kate Buckle 34, wife married, Clifton Bristol