Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Railway Inn Stapleton Road

Beaufort Tavern
1856 – 61. William Milsom
1863. Henry Milsom

Railway Inn
1867 – 68. W. Stallard
1871 – 79. William Thomas
1881 – 82. Thomas Goldsmith
1882 – 83. Jane Plant
1885 – 99. George Vince
1901 – 11. Frederick William Lloyd
1914 – 17. Margaret Ross
1921. Harry Townsend
1925 – 38. Albert Osborne
1944 – 50. Frederick Ruddock
1953 – 56. Philip Hext
1975. F. G. Martin

Previously named the Beaufort Tavern, the Railway Inn was later known as the Coach House (see below). Built in 1855 the Beaufort Tavern; which had a wheelwright and Smith’s shop attached, was one of nineteen houses known as Beaufort Buildings, in 1863 No’s 9 to 13 were demolished to make way for the South Wales & Bristol Union railway line, it was around this time the pub‘s name was changed to the Railway Inn.
George Vince was married to Harriett, the daughter of ex-landlord William Thomas, in 1891 William Thomas and his son Arthur were still living at the Railway Inn.

Census 1861.

William Milsom 57, head married, labourer, Keynsham Somerset
Sarah Milsom 57, wife married, St.George Gloucestershire
Henry Milsom 27, son married, mason, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Hannah Milsom 27, daughter married, Mangotsfield Gloucestershire
Thomas Haskins 33, son in law married, plate layer, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Sarah Haskins 23, daughter married, dress maker, Stapleton Gloucestershire
William F. S. Milsom 17, son unmarried, labourer, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Daniel C. S. Milsom 16, son unmarried, labourer, Stapleton Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

William Thomas 44, head married, licensed victualler, Temple Bristol
Harriett Thomas 38, wife married, Temple Bristol
Harriett R. E. Thomas 16, daughter unmarried, Bedminster Bristol
William G. Thomas 7, son, Bedminster Bristol
Arthur Thomas 4, son, St.Philip’s Bristol
William Thomas 68, father married, St.Philip’s Bristol
Mary Thomas 72, mother married, Temple Bristol
Martha Adams 17, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Winterbourne Gloucestershire

Census 1881.
Recorded as the Beaufort Arms

Thomas Goldsmith 55, head married, licensed victualler, Norwich Beccles
Emma Goldsmith 42, wife married, Bristol
Frank Goldsmith 14, son, currier’s apprentice, Bristol
Arthur Goldsmith 11, son scholar, Bristol
James Henry Goldsmith 8, son scholar, Bristol
Emmaline Goldsmith 7, daughter scholar, Bristol
Isabella Coventry 18, servant unmarried, barmaid, Buckinghamshire Wolverton
Mary Ann Bond 18, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

George Vince 35, head married, licensed victualler, Lancaster
Harriett R. E. Vince 36, wife married, landlady, Bristol
George S. Vince 6, son, Bristol
Frederick C. Vince 5, son, Bristol
William Thomas 64, father in law widower, commision agent, Bristol
Arthur Thomas 24, brother in law single, lithographer, Bristol
Kate Pollock 16, servant single, general servant, Bristol
Florence A. W. Neck 13, servant, nurse girl, Bristol

Census 1901.

Frederick W. Lloyd 29, head married, licensed victualler, Winterbourne Gloucestershire
Martha Lloyd 27, wife married, Bristol
Rosa Stephens 19, cousin single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

Frederick Lloyd 39, head married, licensed victualler, Winterbourne Bristol
Louise M. Lloyd 26, wife married, Bristol
Ivy Louise Lloyd 5, daughter, Bristol
Molly Gwendoline Lloyd 15 months, daughter, Bristol
Dorothy Oatway 17, servant single, Bristol

© Cai Mason

The Coach House, May 2012.  A photograph kindly provided by Cai Mason