Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Shepherds’ Rest Chaplin Road (Off license)
On the corner with Woodborough Street, the Shepherds’ Rest is still standing; much altered, and no longer a shop.

1881. Caroline Long
1883. Sarah Ann Whitrow
1888 – 91. Martha Street
1892 – 97. Charles White
1900 – 06. Jane White
1911 – 44. Albert Edward White
1950. Frederick Flay
1956. Frederick J. Griffiths

Census 1881.

James Long 29, head married, brass finisher at factory, Bristol
Caroline E. Long 32, wife married, beer retailer, Bristol
Caroline E. Long 6, daughter scholar, Bristol
Nellie L. Long 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire
Ernest J. Long 1, son, Gloucestershire

Census 1891.

Martha Street 55, head widow, beer retailer, Bristol
Lizzie Street 22, daughter single, no occupation, Bristol
Fred Street 15, son, smith, Bristol
Florry Gage 30, servant single, domestic servant, Bristol

Census 1901.

Jane White 64, head widow, beer retailer, Somersetshire Taunton
Arthur White 27, son single, clothing warehouseman, Bristol
Albert Edward White 21, son single, tailor’s cutter, Bristol
Johanna White 61, sister in law widow, housekeeper, Wiltshire Marlborough

Census 1911.

Albert Edward White 31, head married, off license beer retailer, Bristol
Caroline Lucy White 34, wife married, assisting in business, Bristol
Mary Rickard Dickinson 64, mother in law widow, Kenwyn Parish Cornwall