Bristol’s Lost Pubs

White Swan Fishponds Road

1851. James Maggs
1861 – 78. Francis Tiley
1881 – 86. Martha Ann Tiley
1888. Charles Hibbs
1891 – 93. Harrison Leggott
1896. William Woodbury
1899 – 1901. William Gower
1903. Mary Gower
1904 – 32. William Hasell
1935 – 53. Florence Maria Hasell
1953 – 56. Basil Charles Martin Naish
1960. J. R. Ricketts
1968. Frank Robins Hasell
1975. J. W. Brice

The tenancy of Basil Naish commenced on the 16th October 1953, the rent was £195 per annum and the landlord was The Bristol United Breweries Limited. Mr Naish was previously the manager of the Griffin Hotel, in the Cambridgeshire town of March.

The trade of the White Swan for the twelve months ended 31st December 1952 was as follows:

Draught Beer … 365⅝ Barrels
Bottled Beers … 11,973 Dozens ½ Pints
Wines … 1875/6 Gallons
Spirits … 2475/6 Gallons
Cider … Nil Gallons

Census 1851.
White Swan Inn

James Maggs 30, head married, warehouseman & beer retailer, St.George’s Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Maggs 29, wife married, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Eliza Maggs 8, daughter, Stapleton Gloucestershire
George Thomas Maggs 1, son, Stapleton Gloucestershire
Elizabeth Clark 19, servant unmarried, Bruton Somersetshire

Census 1861.
White Swan Public House

Francis Tiley 36, head married, mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Martha Ann Tiley 35, wife married, dress maker, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Joanna Elizabeth Tiley 9, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Census 1871.

Francis Tiley 47, head married, beer retailer & mason, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Martha Ann Tiley 46, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Joanna Elizabeth Tiley 19, daughter unmarried, barmaid, Gloucestershire Stapleton

Census 1881.
Beer House White Swan

Martha Ann Tyley 57, head widow, Gloucestershire Stapleton
Henry Francis Crinks 7, grandson scholar, Bristol
Jane Sparks 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Bristol

Census 1891.

Harrison Leggott 41, head married, publican, Lincolnshire Crowle
Agnes Leggott 36, wife married
William Tucker 11, nephew scholar, Penzance Cornwall
Elizabeth Brown 18, servant single, general servant, Penzance Cornwall

Census 1901.

William H. Gower 42, head married, hotel proprietor, Herefordshire Leominster
Mary Gower 40, wife married, Staffordshire Darlaston
Beatrice Gower 12, daughter, Birmingham
Joseph Sims 62, father in law widower, barman, Gloucestershire Bream
Ann Sims 37, sister in law single, barmaid, Staffordshire Darlaston
Henrietta Refferell 33, visitor married, professor of music, Bristol
Mary Jones 54, visitor single, Bristol
Ann Shepherd 67, servant married, cook, Swansea (feeble)
Florence Hunt 23, servant single, housemaid, Castle Carey Somerset
Sarah Cox 18, servant single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

William Mark Hasell 37, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.George’s
Florence Maria Hasell 37, wife married, Bristol St.George’s
George Henry Hasell 14, son, Bristol St.George’s
Ivy Lilian Maud Hasell 13, daughter, Bristol Stapleton
Flora Alice Hasell 11, daughter, Bristol Stapleton
Albinus William Mark Hasell 8, son, Bristol Stapleton
Elizabeth Sarah Kathleen Hasell 6, daughter, Bristol Stapleton
Florence Maud Edna Hasell 4, daughter, Bristol Stapleton
Frank Robbins Hasell 1, son, Bristol Stapleton
Albert Frank Robbins 31, relative single, certified teacher, Bristol St.George’s
Hester Davis 19, servant single, domestic, Bristol St.George’s
Helen Mansfield 27, servant single, domestic nurse, Bristol St.George’s