Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Bird In View Hopewell Hill
Off license

1891. William Golding
1897 – 1901. John Thomas
1902 – 23. Edwin Sheppard
1927 – 31. Annie Sheppard
1931 – 39. John Henry Smith

The tenancy of John Henry Smith commenced on 21st May 1931, at a yearly rent of £31.

Census 1891.

William Golding 68, head widower, beer retailer, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
Ellen Golding 40, daughter single, machinist, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield

Census 1901.

John Thomas 42, head widower, beer retailer, Monmouthshire Cwmyoy
Annie Sheppard 24, house keeper single, Monmouthshire Blackwood
Rose Sheppard 14, visitor, Monmouthshire Blackwood

Census 1911.

Edwin Sheppard 65, head married, beer retailer, Chewton Mendip
Elizabeth Sheppard 61, wife married, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Annie Sheppard 34, daughter single, works at home, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Margaret Sheppard 28, daughter single, corset maker at Williams’, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Rosina Sheppard 24, daughter single, corset maker at Williams’, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Edwin Sheppard 22, son single, mason’s labourer out of employment at present, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Thomas Sheppard 20, son single, shoe maker at Croote & Sons, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Ivy Sheppard 17, daughter single, tailoress at home for Spence’s, Blackwood Monmouthshire
Winifred Sheppard 12, daughter at school, Chewton Mendip Somersetshire