Bristol’s Lost Pubs

(Old) Boar’s Head Aust

1851 – 55. Edward Oakley Robertson
1861 – 62. Emma Russell
1870 – 82. Amelia Collins
1884 – 87. William Green
1891 – 96. George Russell
1901 – 15. George Clements
1915 – 22. Susanna Clements
1926 – 54. Hugh Clare

Census 1851.

Edward O. Robertson 60, head widower, landed proprietor & inn keeper, Gloucstershire Olveston
Ellen Robertson 23, daughter unmarried, inn keeper’s daughter, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Sarah J. Robertson 22, daughter unmarried, inn keeper’s daughter, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Mary Ann Robertson 18, daughter unmarried, inn keeper’s daughter, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Charles Robertson 17, son unmarried, inn keeper’s son, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Sarah Ann Cook 15, visitor, Gloucestershire Thornbury
Sarah Apley 29, servant unmarried, Gloucestershire Berkeley

Census 1861.

Emma Russell 40, head unmarried, public inn keeper, Gloucestershire Tockington
George Russell 15, nephew unmarried, servant, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1871.

Amilia Collins 71, head widow, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Olveston
Amilia Reynolds 19, granddaughter unmarried, Monmouth
Arthur Reynolds 12, grandson scholar, Monmouth
William J. Llewelyn 35, lodger widower, East Indies Calcutta

Census 1881.

Amelia Collins 85, head widow, licensed victualler, Alveston Gloucestershire
Amelia Reynolds 26, granddaughter unmarried, barmaid, Monmouthshire
Daniel Cole 49, boarder widower, agricultural labourer, Wiltshire

Census 1891.

George Russell 32, head married, inn keeper, place of birth not recorded
Jane Russell 29, wife married, place of birth not recorded
Richard Penny 25, lodger single, farm labourer, Wiltshire Broad Hinton

Census 1901.

George Clements 46, head married, publican, Earthcott Gloucestershire
Susanna Clements 43, wife married, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Ethel M. Clements 6, daughter, Earthcott Gloucestershire
Lilian M. Waren 17, general domestic servant, place of birth not known

Census 1911.

George Clements 55, head married, publican, Alveston Earthcott
Susanna Clements 52, wife married, assisting n business, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Ethel Clements 16, daughter single, assisting in business, Alveston Earthcott