Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Chequers Hanham Mills

1841 – 80. Isaac Rogers
1880 – 85. John Henry Stephens
1891. Arthur Manley
1893 – 1907. Abraham Attwood
1907 – 11. Abraham Attwood jnr
1923. Joseph Moss
1927 – 39. E. G. M. Giles

Census 1841.

Isaac Rogers 40, publican, born in county
John Adams 15, servant, born in county
Joseph Barnes 30, stone mason, born in county
Harriett Barnes 20, born in county
William Barnes 4, born in county
Eliza Barnes 1, born in county

Census 1851.

Isaac Rogers 49, head widower, proprietor of land &c, Hanham Gloucestershire
Edith Pollinger 61, servant unmarried, house servant, Hanham Gloucestershire
Mary Machin 18, servant unmarried, house servant, Thornbury Gloucestershire
William Barnes 13, house servant, Hanham Gloucestershire
John Gaiter 29, lodger married, carter, St.George Gloucestershire
Francis Williams 17, lodger unmarried, carter, St.Philip’s

Census 1861.

Isaac Rogers 56, head married, carrier by water lighterman, Hanham Gloucestershire
Mary N. Rogers 23, wife married, Eaton Hampshire
Rosina Machin Rogers 6, daughter scholar, Hanham Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Rogers 4, daughter scholar, Hanham Gloucestershire
Edith Pollinger 76, servant unmarried, general servant, Hanham Gloucestershire (deaf)
Henry Jones 16, servant unmarried, driver of barge horses, Hanham Gloucestershire

Census 1871.

Isaac Rogers 70, head married, barge proprietor, Gloucestershire Bitton
Mary N. Rogers 33, wife married, Hampshire Eaton
Mary A. Rogers 14, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Jesse J. Rogers 8, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Alfred Rogers 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Lewis Rogers 4, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Aaron Rogers 3, son scholar, Gloucestershire Hanham
Gllbert Rogers 11 months, son, Gloucestershire Hanham

Census 1881.

John Henry Stephens 45, head married, publican, Middlesex London
Hester Stephens 46, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
Emily Stephens 17, daughter unmarried, general domestic servant, Middlesex London
William Henry Stephens 10, son scholar, Middlesex London
Thomas Jones 75, boarder widower, haulier, Gloucestershire Hanham
James Brain 47, boarder unmarried, general labourer, Gloucestershire Bristol

Census 1891.

Arthur Manley 33, head married, licensed victualler, Somerset Shapwick
Lucy Manley 33, wife married, Shoreham Kent
Cecil Manley 17, son scholar, Cardiff Wales
Arthur D. Manley 4, son scholar, London Islington
Eva W. Manley 2, daughter scholar, London Euston Road
Dorothy J. Manley 3 weeks, daughter, Gloucestershire Hanham
Arthur Guin 24, servant single, barman, London King’s Cross

Census 1901.

Abraham Attwood 54, head married, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Bristol
Mary Attwood 54, wife married, Gloucestershire Hanham
Emily Attwood 18, daughter single, Gloucestershire Hanham
Herbert Attwood 17, son single, ferryman, Gloucestershire Hanham
Sidney Attwood 7, son, Gloucestershire Hanham
William Callow 52, boarder widower, stone hewer in quarry, Gloucestershire Hanham
Daniel Ahearne 27, boarder single, labourer for market gardener, Ireland
John Ahearne 18, boarder single, labourer for market gardener, Ireland

Census 1911.

Abraham Attwood 31, head married, inn keeper, Hanham Abbotts, Gloucestershire
Mabel Attwood 23, wife married, assisting in business, St.Werburgh’s