Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Griffin Bridgeyate

1830 – 56. Robert Jefferies
1861 – 71. Joseph Williams
1871 to 1891. Nathaniel Young
1892. George Lear
1901 – 11. Henry Cann
1931 – 35. Mary Thompson
1937. Blairdre Hendy
1938 – 39. Stanley Redgment

Census 1841.

Robert Jefferis 35, innkeeper, born in county
Susanna Jefferis 30, born in county
Elizabeth Bridges 15, born in county
Susanna Bence 20, servant, born in county

Census 1851.

Robert Leonard Jefferies 48, head married, farmer of 140 acres employing 4 labourers, Gloucestershire Siston
Susannah Jefferies 49, wife married, farmer’s wife, Gloucestershire Bitton
Eliza Louisa 16, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Siston
Susannah Bence 30, niece unmarried, assistant, Gloucestershire Bitton
Jesse Brice 14, servant, agricultural labourer, Pensford Somerset

Census 1861.

Joseph Williams 23, head married, farmer of 26 acres and licensed victualler, Somerset Banwell
Sarah Williams 23, wife married, Somerset Blagdon
Silvester Williams 8 months, son, Gloucestershire Bridge Yate
Samuel Hicks 14, servant, farm labourer, Gloucestershire Hanham
Ann Bane 13, servant, house servant, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1871.

Nathaniel Young 34, head married, innkeeper and farmer, Wiltshire Lyneham
Ann Young 49, wife married, Wiltshire Lyneham
Daniel Young 36, visitor married, carpenter and joiner, Wiltshire Lyneham
Martha Jefferies 15, servant, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1881.

Nathaniel Young 44, head married, innkeeper and farmer, Lynham Wiltshire
Ann Young 59, wife married, Wiltshire Lynham
Constance Young 20, daughter unmarried, Wiltshire Lynham
Mary Ann Gay 15, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Siston Gloucestershire
William Bedford 74, boarder widower, cattle dealer, Marshfield Gloucestershire

Census 1891.

Nathaniel Young 54, head married, licensed victualler, Wiltshire Lyneham
Sarah Young 55, wife married, Kingswood Bristol
Laura Wiltshire 18, step daughter married, Gloucestershire Warmley
Kate Fews 19, servant single, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Oldland

Census 1901.

Henry Hugh Cann 44, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol
Selina M. Cann 50, wife married, London
Beatrice L. Cann 19, daughter single, mother’s help, Bristol
Elsie M. Cann 17, daughter single, Bristol
Maud S. Cann 15, daughter single, mother’s help, Bristol
George H. Cann 11, son, Bristol
Gilbert Cann 9, son, Bristol
Florence Daisy Cann 8, daughter, Bristol
Rosina Ellen Cann 29, servant single, Bristol

Census 1911.

Henry Hugh Cann 54, head married, licensee, Bristol
Selina M. Cann 60, wife married, housewife, London
Elsie M. Cann 27, daughter single, mother’s help, Bristol
George H. Cann 21, son single, mechanical engineer, Bristol
Gilbert Cann 19, son single, help at home, Bristol
Daisy F. Cann 17, daughter single, mother’s help, Bristol
Henry Cann 85, father widower, Devon