Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Horse Shoe Inn Downend

1851 – 56. Joseph Bridgman
1861. Belinda Bridgman
1861. James Burns
1863 – 71. Isaac Holder
1874 – 79. Stephen Gunter
1881 – 83. Francis Gibbs Hathway
1885 – 86. Mrs. J. Neal
1891 – 94. Stanley Rugg
1897 – 1910. William Reed
1911. Alice Cranfield
1923 – 28. Edward Cranfield
1931 – 38. Harry Smith
1939 – 62. Donald W. Burland

Census 1851.

Joseph Bridgman 34, head married, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
Belinda Bridgman 30, wife married, Norfolk Beeston
Eliza Dunthorn 35, sister unmarried, dress maker, Norfolk Beeston
Caroline Tovey 22, servant unmarried, servant, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Henry Webb 14, servant, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford

Census 1861.

James Burns 38, head married, publican, Norfolk Ellingham
Belinda Burns 38, wife married, Norfolk Beeston
Benjamin Bridgman 9, stepson scholar, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
Robert Bridgman 5, stepson scholar, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
Fanny Bridgman 3, stepdaughter, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
Harriett Bridgman 7, stepdaughter, Gloucestershire Mangotsfield
Elizabeth Field 20, servant unmarried, general servant, Wiltshire Garsdon

Census 1871.

Isaac Holder 54, head married, inn keeper and wheelwright, Gloucestershire Marshfield
Ann Holder 56, wife married, inn keeper’s wife, Somerset Withycombe
Eliza Holder 25, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire Pucklechurch
Susan Callaway 41, sister in law widow, family cook, Somerset Withycombe
George Fletcher 19, boarder unmarried, apprentice to wheelwright, Gloucestershire Yate
James Harding 19, boarder unmarried, apprentice to wheelwright, Somerset Keynsham
Ralph Mitcalfe 27, boarder unmarried, seaman, London Fitzroy Square

Census 1881.

Francis G. Hathway 36, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Ann Hathway 37, wife married, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Richard H. Hathway 14, son scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Elizabeth E. Hathway 12, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Frederick G. Hathway 10, son scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Victoria A. Hathway 8, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Edwin O. Hathway 6, son scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Lilian A. Hathway 4, daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
Jeoffarey W. Hathway 2, son, Gloucestershire Westerleigh
William J. Hathway 8 months, Gloucestershire Westerleigh

Census 1891.

Stanley H. Rugg 40, head married, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Westbury
Emma Rugg 45, wife married, Gloucestershire Soundwell
Walter Rugg 16, son single, mason, Gloucesterhire Staple Hill
Henry Rugg 13, son scholar, Gloucesterhire Staple Hill
Hurford Rugg 5, son scholar, Gloucesterhire Staple Hill
Ellen Evans 16, servant single, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire Pucklechurch
Walter Clapp 39, boarder married, telegraph repairer, Somerset Berrow
Thomas Cropper 26, boarder married, telegraph repairer, Worcestershire Cropthorne
Henry Churchill 23, boarder single, telegraph repairer, Worcestershire Crowe

Census 1901.

William G. Reed 35, head married, publican, Somerset Flax Bourton
Ann M. Reed 32, wife married, Gloucestershire Siston
Robert W. Reed 8 months, son, Gloucestershire Downend
Beatrice Edwards 23, servant, general domestic servant, Somerset Congesbury
Rose Holland 20, servant, general domestic servant, Gloucestershire

Census 1911.

Alice Cranfield 60, head widow, inn keeper, Bristol
Edward Cranfield 38, son single, assistant in business, Bristol
Herbert Cranfield 34, son single, insurance clerk, London Upper Clapton
Ethel Russell 30, daughter widow, London Brixton
Percy Cranfield 25, son single, Bristol
Gladys Russell 9, grandchild, Bristol St.George

Lots 1 and 2 were subsequently bought by the tenant of the Horse Shoe Inn; Isaac Holder, for the sum of £800

I Isaac Holder of Downend in the parish of Mangotsfield in the county of Gloucestershire, Innkeeper, do hereby acknowledge that I have this day become the purchaser of Lots 1 & 2 of the property comprised in the annexed particular at the sum of Eight hundred pounds … and have paid into the hands of Mr. Thomas Henry Chubb the solicitor for the vendor the sum of Eighty pounds … as a deposit and in part payment of the said purchase money and I hereby agree to pay the remaining sum of Seven hundred and twenty pounds, unto the vendor at the offices of Messrs Chubb and Son at Malmesbury Wilts on or before the twenty first day of October next and in all other respects on my part to fulfil the foregoing conditions of sale

Dated the ninth day of September 1863.