Bristol’s Lost Pubs

New Inn Turnpike Road

1841. Ann Young
1851 – 92. William Collard
1896 – 1918. Joseph Humphries
1922 – 30. Frederick Barton
1938. Francis Parker
1960. E. R. Carpenter

This photograph was taken in the 1920s and presumably shows the rear of the premises.

Census 1841.

Ann Young 30, inn keeper, born in county
Jane Young 5, born in county
Rebecca Young 4, born in county
William Hendley 45, ostler, born in county
Samuel Curtis 55, agricultural labourer, born in county
John Wheels 30, agricultural labourer, born in county

Census 1851.

William Collard 32, head married, inn keeper, smith & wheelwright employing 1 smith & 1 wheelwright, Almondsbury
Ann Collard 40, wife married, Gloucestershire Berkeley
Rebecca Young 14, step daughter scholar, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Virtue Collard 3, daughter, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Robert Barton 7, nephew scholar, Gloucestershire Berkeley
Mary Young 77, mother in law widow, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
William Gaskell 18, servant unmarried, house servant, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
John Crocker 16, lodger unmarried, agricultural labourer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
John Hendry 54, lodger unmarried, agricultural labourer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Census 1861.

William Collard 42, head married, wheelwright, Patchway Gloucestershire
Ann Collard 51, wife married, Patchway Gloucestershire
William Collard 75, father widow, agricultural labourer, Patchway Gloucestershire
Virtue Collard 13, daughter scholar, Patchway Gloucestershire
Robert Barton 17, nephew unmarried, apprentice, Patchway Gloucestershire
William Holden 22, boarder, bricklayer, Northampton
George Barratt 41, boarder widower, carpenter, Northampton
Mary A. Barton 12, niece scholar, Patchway Gloucestershire
Thomas Jones 31, boarder unmarried, railway labourer, Glamorgan
Peter Wilson 30, boarder unmarried, railway labourer, Stafford
William Baker 28, boarder, railway labourer, Wiltshire

Census 1871.

William Collard 52, head married, licensed victualler & wheelwright, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Ann Collard 59, wife married, Gloucestershire Berkeley
Mary Ann Barton 22, niece unmarried, barmaid, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
George Luce 70, lodger unmarried, general servant, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Francis Cooper 23, lodger unmarried, agricultural labourer, Gloucestershire Almondsbury

Census 1881.

William Collard 62, head widower, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Mary Ann Barton 28, niece unmarried, house keeper, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
Minnie Jefferies 14, general servant, Gloucestershire Olveston

Census 1891.

William Collard 72, head widower, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Mary A. Barton 40, niece single, house keeper, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
Rose C. Tudor 14, servant single, general servant, Gloucestershire Redwick

Census 1901.

Joseph Humphries 46, head married, hotel keeper (licensed victualler), Gloucestershire Filton
Mary A. Humphries 49, wife married, Gloucestershire Stoke Gifford
Beatrice F. Davidson 21, servant single, barmaid, Bristol

Census 1911.

Joseph Humphries 57, head married, publican, Filton Gloucestershire
Mary Ann Humphries 59, wife married, Stoke Gifford Gloucestershire
Winifred Ellen Naish 14, general domestic servant, Fishponds Gloucestershire

The 1911 census reveals that not counting the scullery, landing, lobby, closet, bathroom; nor warehouse, office or shop, the New Inn had 14 rooms.