Bristol’s Lost Pubs

New Passage Hotel Redwick

1841. Richard Breackes
1851 – 61. William Knowles
1871. Mary A. E. Nelmes (manageress)
1874 – 76. Oliver Norris (lessee)
1881. Charles Cullimore
1885 – 86. Albert Adams (manager)
1891. Charlotte Crinks (manageress)
1894. William Hopkins
1897 – 1903. Elizabeth Hopkins
1910. Charles Hopkins
1923. Stanley Verge (Capt)
1927. Harry Hopkins
1931. Herbert Sykes
1939. Annie Lidbury

An Edwardian view of the New Passage Hotel, for a more recent picture and a little information, click here

Census 1841.
Publican, New Passage

Richard Breackes 60, publican, not born in county
Sophia Breackes 35, not born in county
Ann Knowles 35, not born in county
Ann Knowles 7, born in county
William Knowles 5, born in county
John Knowles 4, born in county
James Knowles 3, born in county
John Edmonds 14, servant, born in county
Elizabeth Thomas 20, servant, born in county

Census 1851.
Inn keeper, New Passage

William Knowles 69, head married, innkeeper, Somerset
Ann Knowles 48, wife married, Somerset
Annie Knowles 17, daughter unmarried, Aust Gloucestershire
William Knowles 16, son unmarried, Aust Gloucestershire
John Knowles 15, son unmarried, Aust Gloucestershire
James Knowles 13, son , Aust Gloucestershire
Edwin Knowles 2, son, Aust Gloucestershire

Census 1861.
New Passage Hotel

William Knowles 78, head married, victualler, Somersetshire
Ann Knowles 53, wife married, Somersetshire
Anne Knowles 27, daughter unmarried, Gloucestershire
John Knowles 25, son unmarried, Gloucestershire
James Knowles 24, son unmarried, Gloucestershire
Edwin Knowles 12, son, Gloucestershire
Persilla Bennett 10, visitor, Bristol
Richard Brooks 74, visitor unmarried, Somersetshire

Census 1871.
New Passage Hotel

Mary Ann Emily Nelmes 21, farmers daughter unmarried, manageress, Thornbury Gloucestershire
Fanny Norris 18, farmers daughter unmarried, assistant, Redwick Gloucestershire
Ann May 34, servant unmarried, cook, Somersetshire
William A. Brain 24, servant married, porter, Bristol
Caroline Pearse 19, servant unmarried, chambermaid, Almondsbury Gloucestershire
William Bramely 18, servant unmarried, boots, Almondsbury Gloucestershire
Priscilla Davies 50, wife married, Somersetshire
Edward Davies 23, son unmarried, Bristol
Alice Davies 19, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Lucy Davies 18, daughter unmarried, Bristol
Blanche Davies 16, unmarried, Bristol
Louisa A. Gardener 19, visitor unmarried, Bristol

Census 1881.
New Passage Hotel

Charles Cullimore 29, head married, banker’s clerk, Gloucestershire Alveston
Frances A. Cullimore 28, wife married, Gloucestershire New Passage
Edith Blanche Cullimore 3, daughter, Gloucestershire New Passage
Gilbert Johnson Cullimore 1, son, Gloucestershire New Passage
Mabel Florence Cullimore 8 months, Gloucestershire New Passage
Jane Pearce 22, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Alveston
Annie Pearce 16, servant unmarried, domestic servant, Gloucestershire Alveston
Arthur George Luke 38, boarder unmarried, civil engineer on Severn tunnel works, London
Jane Kennedy 37, boarder unmarried, stewardess on ferry steamer, Bristol
Elizabeth Ann Cambridge 27, assistant unmarried, assistant at bar (inn), Gloucestershire Gloucester

Census 1891.
New Passage Hotel

Charlotte A. Crinks 29, head widow, manageress, Somerset Winford
Thomas Thomas 15, servant single, domestic servant errand boy, Gloucestershire Redwick

Census 1901.
New Passage Hotel

Eliza M. Hopkins 47, head widow, licensed victualler, Gloucestershire Olveston
Hannah Neate 56, sister single, manageress of hotel, Gloucestershire Olveston
Agatha M. Neate 25, niece single, waitress (inn), America New York, (foreign subject)
Emma Chapman 21, niece single, barmaid, America New York, (foreign subject)
Harriett E. Neate 15, niece single, waitress (inn), Gloucestershire Almondsbury
Henry Thinton 30, servant single, stable man (groom), birth place not known