Bristol’s Lost Pubs

Old Swan Swinford

Bristol Museum collections

1841. Daniel Burnell
1851. Daniel Dore
1856. James Rogers
1861 – 64. John Brimble
1870. Edward Cox
1871 – 81. Jane Cox
1883. Joice Brewer
1884 – 91. Isaac Brewer
1893. ? Wright
1894. John Arnell
1897. Richard Westaway
1901. William J. Sleigh
1906 – 31. Christopher John Wilton
1939. Stanley Stuart Truebody

Also known as the White Swan and the Swan

Census 1841.

Daniel Burnell 45, inn keeper, born in county
Mary Burnell 60, not born in county

Census 1851.

Daniel Dore 26, head married, butcher & inn keeper, Gloucestershire Saltford
Susanna Dore 27, wife married, Gloucestershire Bitton
Rosina Dore 4, daughter, Gloucestershire Swinford
George Dore 2, son, Gloucestershire Swinford
Frances Dore 1, daughter, Gloucestershire Swinford
Rebecca Dore 16, sister unmarried, dressmaker, Gloucestershire Swinford
George Jefferis 53, lodger unmarried, copper mill labourer, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1861.

John Brimble 50, head married, inn keeper & labourer, Gloucestershire Bitton
Elizabeth Brimble 42, wife married, Gloucestershire Bitton
George W. Brimble 6, son, Gloucestershire Bitton
Elizabeth Brimble 4, daughter, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1871.

Jane Cox 56, head widow, inn keeper, Gloucestershire Bitton
James Cox 17, son unmarried, factory labourer, Gloucestershire Upton
Emma Parry 30, daughter married, Gloucestershire Upton
Joseph Parry 6, grandson scholar, Bristol St.George
Catherine E. Parry 4, granddaughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bristol
Edward C. Parry 2, grandson, Gloucestershire Bitton
Ellen C. Parry 1 month, granddaughter, Gloucestershire Swinford

Census 1881.

Jane Cox 66, head widow, publican, Gloucestershire Bitton
James Green 71, boarder, tailor, Gloucestershire Bitton
Emma Parry 40, daughter married, nurse, Gloucestershire Bitton
Edward C. Parry 12, grandson scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Helen C. Parry 10, granddaughter scholar, Gloucestershire Bitton
Minnie D. Parry 5, granddaughter scholar, Somersetshire Bath

Census 1891.

Isaac Brewer 69, head married, licensed victualler, Somersetshire Bath
Emily Price Brewer 52, wife married, Somersetshire Bath
Alfred Ernest Brewer 25, son single, farm labourer, Somersetshire Twerton
Alice Brewer 23, daughter single, barmaid, Somersetshire Twerton
Elizabeth Mary Brewer 20, daughter single, barmaid, Somersetshire Twerton
George Brewer 18, son single, grocer’s apprentice, Somersetshire Twerton
Annie Brewer 15, daughter scholar, Somersetshire Twerton
Beatrice Brewer 13, daughter scholar, Somersetshire Kelston
George Albert Edmonds 23, visitor single, tea dealer’s manager, Somersetshire Bath

Census 1901.

William J. Sleigh 28, head married, licensed victualler, Bristol St.Paul’s
Eliza A. Sleigh 24, wife married, Gloucestershire Bitton

Census 1911.

Christopher John Wilton 32, head married, licensed victualler, Kelston Somerset
Constance Emma Wilton 34, wife married, Devizes Wiltshire
Sidney Philip Gibbs Wilton 5, son, Bitton Gloucestershire
Edward James Wilton 3, son, Bitton Gloucestershire
John Henry Wilton 10 months, son, Bitton Gloucestershire
Sarah Jane Heskins 72, mother boarder widow, Wells Somersetshire
Caroline Edgell 14, general domestic servant, Bath Somerset